It’s human nature to want to be trendy, especially when it comes to remodelling the home. As you already know, it’s a constant process that needs attention and ideas. Sometimes what we once thought was trendy grows out of fashion quickly, and we need to modernize our homes to keep up with the trends. On the other hand, some us just want to make our homes beautiful and practical.

However, not all ideas are costly by default. Some refreshments to your home can be done with minimal efforts. Of course, you first need to have an idea for the space you possess. Therefore, we created a list of the top 10 ideas for home remodeling in 2019.

1. From a Dull Balcony to an Outdoor Heaven

When you remodel a balcony, you’ll notice that it all depends on the size. Moreover, it also depends on the purpose. Usually, a balcony serves a variety of purposes. However, some people are restricted by the small space it offers and they tend to use it for entertainment and relaxing rather than as an eating space or a barbecue area.

With more people living in apartments due to costs, balconies are their only outdoor space. Therefore, the principles are usually the same, something comfortable to sit on and something nice to look at. So make your balcony a getaway rather than utility. You can turn it into a small garden by just planting a few beautiful flowers.

    2. Make your Living Room Inviting

Every living room should be re-painted every once in a while because we all spend most of our time there. By choosing natural colors you will light up the surroundings immediately. These changes can make us feel relaxed and at ease. Moreover, as you already know, some colors affect our mood.

Another important aspect is to have comfortable furniture. Furniture that doesn’t only look good but feels good as well.

      3. How about Textile?

Something that will really make your home look trendy is textiles. Framed textiles are in fashion, and a lot of people bring them back home from their trips abroad. You can spread it across the couch or even turn it into a headboard with light padding.

However, the most popular use for textiles at the moment is on your windows. Textiles often look like unique art.

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4. Saving Money with DIY

Most people associate interior designers with high costs. However, that isn’t always true. Sometimes an interior designer will only give you advice on how to re-arrange your current furniture or eliminate something from your home. It can be as simple as eliminating repeating colors to make a room more spacious, cohesive and cozy without adding anything.

However, we would suggest browsing on Pinterest for DIY projects and novel ideas before looking out for handyman services. You will save money and have some fun along the way.

5. Getting the Most Out of Awkward Spaces

We all have awkward spaces in our homes. You know, the ones that are not big enough that they become useless. Often the potential of awkward spaces is simply underestimated. In fact, most of the time, these spaces go totally unnoticed.

The only thing they need, most of the time, is customized furniture and some paint to make them stand out and be useful. Once styled to perfection, you will be amazed at the change they bring to the room.

6. Turn the Bathroom into a Relaxing Spot

A bathroom is a place where people need to feel relaxed and comfortable. Therefore, the expected trend in 2019, is the “smart bathroom”. As the “smart home” concept progresses rapidly, the bathrooms are no exception. Whether it’s a smart shower with adjustable temperature or simple modernization, the bathroom is keeping up with the trends.

Apart from adjusted lighting as the most desired feature, greenery has come back strongly in 2019. Just combine it with a sleek double-trough basin, which is practical and beautiful.

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7. Decorating the Outdoor Space

Everyone longs for the hot, summer days out in the backyard, chilling with friends and family. Once you get that picture in your head, the first thing that comes to mind is a well-designed yard. The key with outdoor spaces is “less is always more”, because space creates comfort. Pulling up a few elegant chairs and a big family table amidst the grennery can make all the difference. However, don’t forget about home security to keep everything intact.

     8. Indoor Plants

The greenery in your home deepens the decorative elements and elevates the home to a new level. In fact, plants can lower stress, improve your mood, and boost the air quality in the house. If you need to unwind and relax yourself more, planting a few colorful and pretty flowers around the house can be a good idea.

9. Getting rid of Stuff

It’s not always about adding stuff because sometimes it’s about getting rid of them. Some of the things you might need to lose from our home in 2019 are inspirational wall signs, flamingos, skulls, keep calm and carry on posters, seashells mobiles, ceramic owls, faux grass rabbit, fake fur cushions. The trendiness of these trinkets is long gone.

10. Style Tips

The interior should always stand out by telling the story of its owners. Moreover, to make a story timeless you need to make your home a reflection of your personal journey.

Decorating with personal objects will definitely paint a unique picture that shines through. Display things of importance, like dates, travel trinkets or funny pictures of you and your family. Own the space with your presence. And most importantly,  don’t be afraid to mix modern styles with traditional concepts.

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