I have a penchant for always looking for cheap places to rent lawn equipment near me. I’m sure you are too. Whether you just wan’t your lawn to look respectable, or a complete revamp, sometimes, it’s better to not break your bank when going all out to get the needed lawn care tools.

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Where Can I Rent Lawn Equipment Near Me?

Lowes provides lawn maintenance equipments for rent which can be utilized to keep your lawn in perfect shape. Some lawn care tools for rent at lowes include garden hoses, sprinkler systems, digging tools and so on.

Our Garden Center Lawn Care Tools Rental

Our Garden Center is also home to DIY Garden Must-Haves, from grass and grass seeds sprinklers, weed control tools, to guidelines on when and how to plant your grass seed, and other accessories needed to maintain your lawn.

Home Depot also provides lawn maintenance equipment for rent. It believes that the lawn is the pride and joy of every home and it must be appealing to the envy of your neighbors. But then a beautiful lawn does not take care of itself. 

Our inventory of lawn and garden maintenance equipments makes it easy to find the right landscaping tool to keep any size of lawn in perfect shape.

You can also get access to tools for bigger jobs that require an extra hand, tools such weed eaters, leaf blowers, tillers and many others can be easily rented from Home Depot. It also possesses DIY tools with guidelines and tips on how to use them thereby keeping your lawn happy and healthy.

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lowes tiller rental cost near me rent lawn equipment near me
tiller rental cost at lowes

Lowes offers a large selection of top-brand and quality lawn tools to suit any lawn maintenance project, thus making it easy to maintain a perfect outdoor space.

Lawn care tools like lawn mowers, chainsaws (Husqvarna chainsaws), trimmers, leaf blowers of various sizes can be easily looked-up and ordered in their tool inventory. For whatever lawn maintenance task it may be, Lowes inventory of well-stocked tools got you covered.

Home Depot Tool Rental Center boasts of any tool you need to care for your lawn, whether for private or commercial landscaping project. Its inventory has just any tool you need for basic lawn care (mowers and edgers, trimmers, pruners and blowers).

To rent any lawn equipment of your choice log on to their official website to find the nearest store location with lawn tool rentals.

Lowes inventory for lawn equipments include: 

Home Depot inventory for lawn maintenance equipments include:

Cost Of Renting Lawn Care Tools From Home Depot

$20-$50 4-Hour (Minimum), 
$30-$60 per day, 
$120-$200 per week,
$350 and above- 4 weeks.

It is important to note that the price of lawn care equipment differs according to their sizes. However, the above price is the average you can rent a lawn care tool from Home Depot.

How To Rent A Tool From Home Depot

Log-in to Home Depot official website and locate a store nearest to you offering the lawn tool rental of your choice.
Find out hours of operation, inventory of lawn tools, and cost of renting your desired lawn tool, duration of tool rental and tool delivery options.
Go through the rental policy of your desired tool and documents to be submitted to rent tool. Home Depot requires customers to submit a government-issued ID (Driver’s license or Passport), valid credit card for deposit; customer must be above 18 years of age.
Proceed to make payment for your desired lawn tool using a valid credit card.

How To Rent A Tool From Lowes

Log-in to their official website to locate a store closest to you, that is offering a lawn rental tool of choice.
Find out hours of operation, inventory of lawn tools, and cost of renting your desired lawn tool, duration of tool rental and tool delivery options.
Go through the tool rental policy carefully, if satisfied proceed to make a reservation.
Proceed to make payment for your preferred lawn tool using your credit or debit card.

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