In most scenery, you could get totally bored by just looking at that old antique furniture.  However, don’t get totally turned off by the weathered condition, the faded color or even frail looks, the quality behind the furniture might still be much more ideal than anything else you can find in today’s furniture shops. All you may really have to do is take some time off your ‘busy’ schedule, grab a brush, and put the antique back in shape.

In most cases, all you may really need to do may just be in your head. Yeah right, there are numerous tips and guides out there about how to remodel your furniture and give them a face beat.  However, I realized that a lot of them give out tips and directions which make impossible demands on your time and money

Away from so much brouhaha, I’ll love to share my own idea on how I get to restore my old furniture and give them a new look… painting.


The first step towards making your furniture feel brand new is to totally have it disassembled. You may have to take out the drawers, remove all the doors, and screw out the fittings and fasteners and everything that makes up the frame.

While you’re at it, you should make sure you itemize everything. List out to the last detail, everything you took out and unscrewed during your assembling procedure in order to make the activity less complicated when you’ll have to fix it back together.



Furniture Cleaning

Use a weak sandpaper to clean out the various edges of the furniture. There’ll be a very thin layer of fat, the one that holds the dirt together, and make the furniture look different from its real colour. Be sure to have them removed with the sandpaper.

Use a primer to brush through the surface of the furniture. There will be defects on the surface of the furniture (scratches, cracks, chips), use your palm to feel them, and prime them all off.

Paint Brush Selection

To totally get this right, no one paint brush will be better suited for this task. Than a combination of all the necessities.  Consequently, you will need to purchase an acrylic primer, a paint can, brush, paint gun or roller. You will also need to purchase brushes in different widths for coloring different parts of the furniture. You can also try out professional furniture spray painting for your furniture.


Stain Pro-Action

If you are hoping to paint your furniture in a monotone but in different colour gradients, then you will definitely need to get an adhesive tape to seal off your off-limit regions. For the best look, coating should be done twice. Initially, you should paint the furniture with a very light shade of the intended colour. Then you can apply the second coating after the first has dried out.

A major mistake will be changing the orientation or painting pattern which you are using. So if you choose to paint initially  in a horizontal manner, then your second coating should take the same procedure.



For a fancy look, you can paint the wooden handles will a old oil paint. Handles will have a lot of touching-activity, thus, an oil paint will last longer if used.

You should consider many factors when determining the type of finish you should use. Consider what look you are going for, your skill level, how durable you need the finish to be, and how the item will be used.

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