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Sandblaster Rental

Sandblasters are surface finishing tools that are used to spray abrasive particles under high pressure against a surface using a powered machine. They are used for powder coating, to remove dust, paint, and other surface imperfections.

The Importance Of A Sandblaster

The sandblaster cleans and abrade surfaces, most especially metals. It uses an air-pressured powered gun to blast finely ground silica sand at high velocity against surfaces to remove imperfections or contaminants.

lowes sandblaster rental cost at sunbelt tools rental

Sandblaster Rental Stores Near You

You can rent a sandblaster at most home improvement stores across the United States and Canada. Visit Sunbelt or Lowes rental stores to rent high quality and reliable sandblasters to help you own your project.

How Much Does A Sandblaster Cost?

Sandblasters exist in various designs and models which accounts for its pricing. Thus, the cost of a sandblaster ranges between $500-$1,800.

Sandblaster: Renting Vs Buying

Renting or buying a sandblaster depends on the nature of the project and frequency of its use. Sandblasters are expensive, and are not everyday tools you use around the home.

Therefore, if you need a sandblaster to remove a rust or paint imperfection on a surface around your home, renting a sandblaster is probably the best option open to you, because you only need it for that one-time job of removing a paint or rust.

However, if you require the sandblaster for large scale and commercial sandblasting projects on say pipelines, it will be cost beneficial to buy a sandblaster, thus, saving you the cost and stress of continuous rental.

Sandblaster Rental At Sunbelt Tools Rental Store

Sunbelt offers tool rental for sandblasters. You can rent a 2 Cu. Ft. Soda Blaster- Ideal for general maintenance, cleaning, paint removal, and de-greasing, among other high quality sandblasters at Sunbelt rentals.

Sunbelt Sandblaster Rental Cost

The rental cost for a sandblaster at Sunbelt rentals is calculated on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. It is represented in the format below:

Note: The rental costs for a sandblaster represented above may likely vary among Sunbelt rental store locations worldwide.

How To Rent A Sandblaster From Sunbelt Rentals

Renting a sandblaster at Sunbelt is pretty simple. The following procedures should come in handy when renting a sandblaster from Sunbelt. They include:

Sandblaster Rental At Lowes

Lowes offers tool rental for sandblasters, but in its case is referred to as Media blasters which are practically the same as sandblasters. Its inventory contains high quality and reliable Portable Media Blasters and Accessories you can bank on, to give you the best on your money.

Lowes Sandblaster Rental Cost

The rental cost for sandblasters at Lowes is charged on hourly, daily, weekly, and on monthly basis. It is represented below:

Note: The above rental costs may likely vary among Lowes rental store locations worldwide.

Lowes Sandblaster Rental Tips

To rent a sandblaster at Lowes is easy, you only need to follow through these simple procedures. They include:

Cheap Sandblaster Rental Stores Near You

Comparing the rental cost for sandblasters between Sunbelt and Lowes stores would leave us with slight differences in their rental pricing. 

Sunbelt charges $270-$1,965 for sandblaster rental while at Lowes is between $53-$850. As such, sandblaster rental at Lowes is slightly affordable as compared to Sunbelt rentals.

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