Saying goodbye to familiar faces and relocating to a new city can be as daunting as it is expensive. If you aren’t familiar with the new city, it can be lonely and dangerous, but thanks to coliving, it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you enjoy the sort of lifestyle that college dorm living has to offer, but need more that the basic necessities, then coliving is a very viable option, well worth looking into. Many coliving spaces, like Outpost Club, offer furnished private bedrooms (and bathrooms in some cases) with shared living room and kitchen facilities.

They also revolve around a social element, which makes adjusting to living in a new city feel a lot less isolating as well.


Living in a Big City on a Tight Budget

Coliving spaces share a common vision of community and convenience. When you prefer a low maintenance lifestyle that leaves you more time for socializing and having adventures, then coliving saves you time and money, allowing you to do just that.


It also has a wide appeal to freelance techs and creatives, who enjoy the convenience and cost-saving benefits of coworking and coliving homes.


Be a Part of a Close Community

Joining a coliving house has more than just cost cutting advantages – it gives you the opportunity to make friends and be a part of a close-knit community. Coliving houses often arrange activities for the residents, and the shared living areas are very cosy and to encourage bonding.

While there are always conflicts that come along with mixing with people from diverse cultures, this is an obstacle which can be overcome with good communication between all the members of the household.


Coliving: Affordable Luxury

Compared to renting an apartment in a big city, coliving is a bargain, when you consider all the utilities and extras which are included in the deal. Instead of being tied into long 6 or 12 month leases, you have the flexibility of choosing a new spot every few months (although discounts are offered for longer stays).

Wi-Fi and cleaning services are included, as well as ball the basic supplies required in the common areas. Coliving generally allows you to enjoy a higher standard of living at a lower, more flexible price tag.


Opt for Flexibility

Flexibility is a huge appeal when it comes to coliving. If you are traveling, or merely staying in town short-term for business, then coliving houses give you the option to move in – with nothing but your suitcase – without having to make any sort of commitment or feel under any kind of obligation to.

This is far cheaper than hotel or AirBnB costs would be, and you have a wide range of accommodation options.

Streamline Your Life

Moving into a coliving space offers you a chance to declutter your life, and decide on what is most important to take with you, as you will be living the minimalist life.

This actually is a great opportunity to clear your closet out of extra clothes, gadgets, or sports equipment you no longer need, and having a garage sale or craigslist clearout.

This gives you a few extra dollars to help you fund the move, and it can be a cathartic way to make room for your fresh new start.

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