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Glass shower doors exist in different designs and types. You may need to upgrade or install a glass shower door for the first time in your bathroom. This is dependent on the need to make your bathroom look elegant and contemporary.

Also, the type of glass door that you can install in your bathroom will depend on the amount of space that you have to allow for both opening and closing. The pivoted doors are mostly used for the bathroom spaces that are spacious enough to allow for a 180 degrees rotation.

Sliding doors are recommended for use in small apartments since they do not take up much space. Also, you may consider the type of door that you need depending on whether it is framed or frameless. Although the frameless glass shower doors have become more popular in the modern world, you may still install the framed type if you have the resources necessary.

This article highlights in detail the five recommended types of shower door glass that you can use for your home.

Tinted Tempered Glass

In every bathroom space, you may need privacy especially when the bathroom is being used by more than one person at a time. Since the bathroom may have a vanity which can be used by one person as the other is in the shower, it would be recommended that tinted tempered glass is used for the shower doors.

The tinted glass offers an additional mask of privacy to the users of the shower. This is a common practice whereby a plain glass is first installed, and then a tinted film layer is added on top of it. You may either use the tinting film on the entire glass shower enclosure or just on the door.  

A tinted glass does not only offer more privacy but also makes your bathroom look more contemporary and classy.

Textured Glass

In addition to using tinted sower glass, you may decide to have the textured type. The textured glass type has distinct patterns that you can feel with your fingers when you run them through the surface.

Mostly, the textured glass for showers is obscured and offers privacy to anyone using the shower. When water is running on the surface of the glass panels used for the textured glass, you do not need to worry about the privacy. It is more enhanced, and the lights make the textures more distinct.

Different kinds of patterns can be seen on the textured glass when the lights are on making it an attractive site. It also makes the bathroom look classy. If you need to, you can use the tinted tempered glass which is textured. This will add a layer of security given that the tempered glass does not shatter.

Sandblasted Glass

This is one of the most popular glass types that can be used for shower doors. They are created through sandblasting to make the glass obscured just like using a frosting film.

Compared to the tinted glass, the sandblasted type is more elegant and unique. The opacity of the glass can be controlled by regulating the sandblasting process. If you need more opacity for your glass sower, you may add a tinted shower glass with colors of your choice.

When ordering for sandblasted glass for your shower door, you should provide the level of opacity that you would like to make it precise to your specifications.

Acid Edged Glass

This type of glass is suitable for use with the Frameless sliding glass shower doors. The Frameless sliding glass shower doors make your bathroom look modernized and flashy.

Mostly with the acid edged glass, the obscurity of any level can be achieved depending on the needs of a homeowner. Just like the tinted glass, the acid edged type can form silhouettes with a certain level of light brightness.

This, therefore, means that there is privacy for anyone using the bathroom at any time. If you are looking for a glass that will make your Frameless sliding glass shower doors look stunning, you can consider the acid edged type.

A major benefit of this is that it is easy to clean and has no potential of leaving fingerprints on the surface. So you do not need to worry about staining the glass when you continually touch it.

Standard Clear Glass

Most frameless sliding glass shower doors come made with standard clear glass. This type of glass makes it easy for a lot of light to penetrate the shower. You do not need to have additional lighting.

However, there is no privacy guaranteed with this type of glass. It is recommended for use only when you have a private bathroom which is not shared. This way, a standard clear glass will come in handy as it will help you to showcase the tiles on the shower walls.

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