Are you one of those who are not satisfied with the look of your bedroom? Sometimes you browse from one website to another, looking at several images of bedroom ideas and a list of tips and ‘how to(s)’ yet you haven’t gotten the inspiration for an elegant bedroom idea…?

The truth is, we’ve been there, and we understand. There’s a popular saying that if you want to get something done in the best way possible, then do it yourself. We will all agree that interior designers will always do a good job, however there’s more to it than just their own idea… only you can define what you want ‘home’ to be like.

For those who are ready to stay up to the task and take up the challenge, I will love to get you fired by giving you one of the best proven tips that will help spruce up your bedroom designs. These bedroom design rules cover almost every principle which is out there, talk about the melon rule, to the under bed storage, maximum room lighting and mastering the unique art of Feng Shui.

I found this infographic, thanks to The Sleep Matters Club, thus, having drawn inspiration from it, I am also recommending it to everyone who is interested as this will propel your bedroom from messy cave to a well designed, stylish and attractive space in which you can successfully unwind from the day and properly rise for a new one.




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