Do you know? Your kitchen can take a totally new look with a massive difference with just the application of some very simple cabinet renovations. Some of such renovations include repainting the doors, changing a few broken hands and replacing the lost ones.

These few tips can totally refresh the engine room of your home without the need to break the bank for a totally new design. This post will feature our pro tips on how to repaint your kitchen cabinets for a brand new look.

To proceed with this project, you’ll need…


•Steel tape measure

•Drop cloth, newspaper, or old cloths

•Respirator or dust mask

•Safety goggles or glasses

•Fine- and medium-grade sandpaper

•Power sander or sanding block

•Soft cloth



• Paint

• New door handles, hinges, and hardware, as desired

How To Get Started

First make use of a screw driver to remove all the drawer fronts, cabinet doors, hinges, handles, and pick them all up to your workspace. It is important to reduce every bit of the furniture to the last possible piece in order to get a perfect effect.

Also, if you will need to be replacing the handles, be careful to not just buy anyone over the counter. Mae sure you are purchasing a handle that is the same size with the one you have chosen to remove, in order to get a perfect fit.

Also take not of the distance between the holes for handles that will take much than one screw hole, you don’t want a rough job by making just another hole.

What To Do

The following tips should give you the best clue, in order to obtain a perfect finish.

1. Put down a layer cloth, newspaper, or old cloths in order to protect your floor.

2. For health concerns, wear a respirator/dust mask and protective goggles or glasses.

3. With the use of a medium-grade sandpaper, sand down the front and edges of wooden, painted, or varnished doors or drawer fronts with power sander or sanding block. No sanding or priming is needed for melamine doors, but you do need to use the right paint. Wipe off dust and give the doors a good clean.

4. Apply a coat of primer, leave it to dry, and apply another coat.

5. When dry, rub down surfaces with fine-grade sandpaper. Wipe off any dust.

6. Apply the first coat of paint and leave it to dry overnight. Repeat with another coat of paint for a more durable finish. Replace any old handles with new ones, if desired.

7. Replace doors and drawer fronts using a screwdriver to tighten the hinges.


• Just in the possibility that you have quite a number of cabinet doors to remove, be sure to have them labeled on the back so that you can easily find the right place for the right door when you have finished.

• In the event that any of your cabinet doors and drawer fronts do not completely cover the front of the cabinets, you can prepare and paint those surfaces in the same way. A good time to do this is while the cabinet doors are drying.

• Here’s our pro tip to help you save time,  buy a combined undercoat and primer and eliminate one of the stages.

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