“Widen” your room by adding depth via mirrors.

To hang a few extra mirrors throughout your room is the best way “widen” it. When it comes to interior design, mirrors bring in the illusion of increased square footage. If you use a handful of smaller mirrors you will intensify the way light affects the overall atmosphere, while hanging a single but bigger mirror will add the feeling of extra space.

Use the extra storage space beneath your bed, sofa or table.

Small rooms are always in need of more storage. In most occasions, one can not really change that, but there is always a way to adapt! Utilise the extra space beneath your bed, sofa, bureau, desk, table and pretty much every piece of furnishing has some sort of unused space.

Baskets, plastic containers, rolling drawers or even regular cardboard boxes can do a great job in making your room both more functional and efficient.

* Extra tip: Vacuum bags could help you further reduce the amount of space your belongings will take (especially clothes).

small living room

How to maximise space?

Your walls and ceilings are a gold mine untapped. Making the most of both your ceiling and walls is the best way to “hack” a small room. Consider hanging solid shelving or if applicable – floating shelves, or even better, mount a solid “peg it all” board. This way you could change and rearrange how you put wall storage to use. Fill up the wall with shelves, or turn it into a multi-purpose hanger.





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