There is a dazzling array of smart devices for the home. Smart devices are pre-programmable and remotely operated systems such as lights, hubs, kitchen gadgets, thermostat controllers, and even door locks.

Some of these provide security, save money, and monitor energy use, which is usually a good investment for any home owner. Other smart devices simply streamline time spent cooking and cleaning, monitor exercise performance or create a calm and relaxed living space. So what kind of smart devices improve daily living the most, or is that a matter of opinion and taste?


Remotely Clever Coffee

Smart coffee machines have arrived, making all our regular favorite coffees. Machines, such as the Nespresso Prodigio smart machine, can be programmed to make that latte or cappuccino at any time, you can order from anywhere, and it will be ready and waiting as you arrive in the kitchen.

That’s a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are one of the cleverest smart devices for the home. They look very high-tech and sleek on the wall, but they can also be programmed to turn the heating and air conditioning on and off from anywhere. It’s worth mentioning that having your heating and air conditioning serviced by HVAC Technicians regularly will make sure your heating and air conditioning is working with your thermostat to optimize efficiency, helping you to save money.

Self-Sufficient Fridges

A fantastically helpful gadget is the fridge camera. It’s a smart camera of course! It learns your food inventories, so it knows which foods you need to buy at the store or add to your online food shopping order. It will also record expiration dates and alert you as they approach.

A big plus to the smart refrigerator is never having to check if you have essentials like milk or eggs. The fridge will tell you when you need to restock. A smart fridge will also monitor exactly how much of any given fridge item you buy in a month. This can help you identify poor diet choices and improve your nutritional intake, and that really is beneficial for everyone in the home.

Matching Light to Mood

Smart light bulbs are growing in popularity. To operate most smart light bulbs, you will need a hub such as Alexa or Google Assistant. Not only can you turn lights on and off from a distance (maybe freak out your kids when you’re away from home), but you can set a schedule for your home’s lights. When you’re out of town, having a set schedule can it make it appear like someone is home.

For the interested home owner there are myriad products available to smarten up the house. Certainly the energy saving gadgets will always be of interest to busy families and singles alike. Time is precious, money is precious, and so are resources. So really shouldn’t we all take advantage of the ways to save those things so valuable to us? Shouldn’t we all get smarter?

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