Living in one of those small apartments in St. Paul can be tough at times, but there are some apartment storage tips that you can utilize to make your time feel far more spacious than it is.

While some of these might cost a little bit of money if you work towards them over time the cost can be spread out so that it’s less of a financial hit. You can always lower the cost of these items by finding discounts online like these Kiklands coupons.


Paint the Walls and Ceiling in a Light Color

Light and color have a huge impact on the apparent size of a space, which is why when you turn the lights off and are standing in the dark, any room can feel claustrophobic. In contrast, by painting the walls and ceiling in your apartment in a light color such as a cream or baby blue you can make them feel further away, giving you a great perceived space.

While using contrast in your paint can be a fantastic look, you need to be careful and use it sparingly otherwise you can risk shrinking the room. Instead, it might be wise to use a contrasting paint on a small wall that has furniture against it so that you get the benefit of the light and dark clash without drastically reducing the size of the room.


Make Use of Hidden Storage

Part of what is currently making your apartment feel tight is because there are too many things. If you can make use of hidden storage, then you can keep your items within arms reach, within them being visible to your friends and family.

They also give you more ‘space’ regardless of whether you can see it or not. Hidden storage comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, but beds, coffee tables, and couches can be incredibly effective at giving you many feet of extra space with little to no downside.


Remove Anything Small

The cantaloupe rule is a critical step in making your apartment feel more spacious. The rule is straightforward, everything that’s smaller than a cantaloupe shouldn’t be within sight. Small objects help to show off how tiny your apartment is and therefore it’s best to keep them hidden away.

Instead, choose a few huge ornaments instead like a considerable vase and more massive portraits rather than lots of small knick-knacks. This rule shouldn’t completely prevent you from keeping family heirlooms out, but keep them to a minimum if you want to ensure that your home feels large.


Leave Your Windows Uncovered

Covering up your windows with curtains or blinds is going to prevent natural light from flooding into your apartment. Similarly, it limits the field of view to your walls instead of out to the street, and therefore it makes it feel far smaller.


Choose a Few Large and Striking Pieces of Art


As with your ornaments and accessories, when it comes to art, it’s often better to pick one or a few large and bold pieces rather than a variety of smaller frames which will accentuate the small size of your home. Oil paintings and modern art tend to look fantastic in small houses because they are vibrant and striking, allowing you to create an impression even with minimal room to spare.


Utilize a Mirror to Expand the Room

Mirrors are the kryptonite to small, by giving you a reflection they can help to make even the smallest rooms feel endless. A feature mirror, say above a couch or television, can help to create a focal point for your room while simultaneously expanding it.

They can be used throughout your home, including in the kitchen, living room and even your bedroom to give you the appearance of greater space.


Forget the Harsh Overhead Lighting

Lighting plays a critical role in the feel of your apartment, as we mentioned with regards to the paint on your walls. Which is why harsh overhead lighting can be ineffective in small spaces because it doesn’t allow for variations in light and shadow throughout the home. Instead, you can utilize multiple light sources of varying levels and colors.

Orange filament bulbs, in particular, can help to give off a calming mood when compared to LED’s and when used throughout the home from different angles they can soften the room.

Shades should also be used, especially on large and tall floor lamps, which are another great way to give different sections of even a tiny room a variety of levels of lighting, making it feel more expansive.

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