Moving can be hard. So hard that it has actually been ranked as one of the top life stressors we encounter and overcome in our lifetimes. Moving not only presents several headaches and hardships throughout the logistical nightmare we call relocation, but it also brings excitement and opportunity as does any big life change. It is often a bitter-sweet moment that you can either let engulf you or embrace that chaos.

Choose the latter, with mindful preparation and a bit of strategic planning you can make the move easier than expected. Leverage the right resources, the internet makes this easier than ever today. Do not forget to take the extra time to pack the right things in the right places and ways. Take a deep look at your possessions and determine what doesn’t make the cut for this next chapter – trash those, donate them or sell it.

The mattress can often be considered the cornerstone of moving nightmares, there is no easy way to pack this prized piece. A new home is the perfect time to upgrade your old essentials. Never lift a mattress again, instead get one shipped directly compressed foam packed tightly in a box to your new haven. (You will never scuff the paint again playing Tetris with your bed!)

Check our this guide below, filled with savvy advice to make your next move simple

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