Don’t Wait to Get Wet Before Fixing a Leaky Roof

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Many of us take the roof over our heads for granted. As long as we are warm and dry, we figure all must be well.However this isn’t always the case. One problem that often gets overlooked for too long is a leaky roof. By the time you feel something wet drip on you, there may […]

Architecturally Stunning Roof Designs That You’ll Love


Roofs are the roof of a house, but they also can be roof-top gardens. Here in this article, we’re going to take a look at some roof designs that you will love and find innovative. From rooftop bars to green roofs, these roof designs are sure to inspire your next home project! Metal Roofs Metal […]

Survived a Severe Storm? It’s Time to Check Your Roof

roofing maintenance tips

During a violent storm, heavy winds and torrential rains, and hail can wreak havoc on a roof, especially if it has already suffered damage in the past. After a storm, one of the first things a homeowner needs to check is their roof. Knowing how to check for damages after a major storm is important […]

How to Keep Squirrels Out of the Attic

squirrel remover from roof

Squirrels are drawn to attics because they are safe and above ground. They can tell that the attic is warm by the air that escapes the roof’s vents. Once inside, they nest in the insulation and cause a whole lot of damage. As rodents, they have a tendency to chew electric wires, which may cause […]

Checking A Contractor’s Estimate Of Roof Replacement Cost

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Many people are not aware of several factors that affect roof replacement. If you have been relying on an online calculator for roof replacement, you need to make your estimates more accurate by incorporating few factors.  If you are someone who relies on the contractor’s given project estimate for the roof replacement, then you need […]

Edge protection – What to look for when choosing a system

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It doesn’t matter how many safety precautions are taken; some things will always remain dangerous. Edge protection is also a risky process because it involves working from a height. Even if you are extremely careful, there are still chances that something can go wrong while working on the roof. That is why an appropriate system […]