Water Damage Restoration and Clean Up Checklist in College Park

indoor water damage

Got a messy, flooded apartment or water-damage hit house? This is bound to give you a headache. If you’re living in College Park, MD, you may have found yourself in a puddle of desperation when water damage attacks. Dripping ceilings, uninvited fountains from your plumbing lines,  viral mold appearing in patches all over your precious […]

What Category of Water Damage Do You Have?

Water damage, whether it is caused due to heavy rains or bursting of pipes, cause excessive damage to life and property. However, not all water damages are equal. Some can be potentially dangerous, while others tend to be worse than the other. For water restoration, you first need to determine the category of water damage […]

Water Damage – 5 Things you should do immediately

Water is life, but sometimes it becomes disastrous for the humans and living population when it grows out of control due to specific avoidable or unavoidable reasons. Every one of us should have the necessary knowledge of preventive measures to avoid any such disaster or the steps to be taken a right after any such […]