Our home is one of the most important places for us. Here we feel secure and relaxed. How our rooms are designed and what kind of colour combinations we have put in our rooms affects the overall feel of our home. Therefore, when you plan to give a boost to the looks and layout of your home, you should hire a professional interior designer who will do it just right.

However, as this is your house and you will live there, make sure to give the designer those vital tips that will help him to understand what you are looking for through the new changes in your home. Here we are giving you some important tips that you can follow to make your interaction with the interior designer consultant both positive and creative.

First-Time Interior Design Clients

1). Find out what you expect by taking the services of the Interior designer:

This is one of the most important parts of the process. You have to be absolutely clear what do you want the Interior designer to do. When you are clear in your expectation, then you will be able to give clear guidelines to the designer as what to do and what not to do.

This will make the entire process smooth and very professional. If it is your first time working with an Interior designer, then you have to be aware of your own budget constraints about what you can afford and what is beyond your reach.

The designers will have a number of ideas, you have to ask him to make a visual representation of these ideas through photos or videos of his past works so that you get a better understanding of the concept that he is trying to convey.

You can yourself do a little research by reading articles on magazines relating to interior designing. This will help you to come prepared while conversing with the designer and also crystalizing your own ideas of what you need in your home.

2). Be more adventurous:

When you start working with an interior designer, you have to get ready to be surprised by new ideas and designs. Do not go the consultation with a closed mind. While you may have selected a particular design style through your research, listen to the designer for he has years of experience in this field and it is worth the process of exchanging ideas with him and see what new design concept he can bring to the table that may blow your mind away.

Ask him about his expert opinion about the colours, spaces and other things. Tell him what type of things you do not like, so that he may put forth only those designs of his that will suit your taste.

As this is your house, it is important to be clear on your likes and dislikes at the planning process itself, otherwise, you will be struck up with a design or colour that you do not like (and very expensive to redo it).

3). Do not dictate terms to an expert:

While it is true that you are paying for the fees and materials to the Interior designer to make your house look great, do not always try to force your way. You have to understand that the designers have years of experience behind them and they have a pretty good idea as to what will work and what will not. So, if they insist on something, you should let them get on with their own creative inclinations.

While giving healthy inputs is a great idea to become involved with the process of designing your own house, it pays sometimes to take the back seat and let the experts decide what is aesthetically good looking and also practical to implement.

4). Explore new ideas:

You have to understand that Interior design is a long-drawn process that requires you to do some exploration. This could be in the selection of wall and ceiling colours, new rug designs and any artefact that will improve the looks of your home significantly.

Designers love to make sure that the home they design will reflect the personality of their owners, therefore, expect some back and forth of exchanging ideas and concept with them. If you want to contribute meaningfully to this process then try to be more creative and institutive in your thoughts and suggestions, so that the final look is more to your liking.

5). Trust your feelings:

There is no right or wrong way on how you approach designing your house. As different people love to look at things differently, so always go with your gut feeling as to what will be an ideal design for your house. And as interior designing is a creative process, do not put too much stress on the time of competition. All the things that are beautiful and creative require time.

When choosing for some rugs, chairs or tables, you will always be spoiled for a choice. In such a situation go with your feeling as to which one of these will look the best in your rooms.

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Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on Interior Design Companies, Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design etc..

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