If it is taking longer for the sink to drain and you experience some unpleasant odors along with the water pooling around your feet in the shower then these are the signs of a clogged drain. You need to unclog a drain because clogged drain is real big big problem for homeowners.

A stopped toilet and plug P-trap under the sink just need a wrench, a plunger, and elbow grease to clear the clog. At times, you may notice a clog deep in the drainpipe which needs additional drain cleaning tool work that has the power to unclog the drains and root out the problem completely. You need to put a lot of effort to do so. The first step is to find the drain as these are hidden in the drain system under the floor.

The drain system under floor:

To clear the clogs in large drains is not a simple job which can be done by everyone. For renting a large drain cleaning auger you may have to spend fifty dollars to heft the machine and wrench the corroded cleanout plugs. It will cause a lot of mess as well.  You will even have to run around for the rental equipment and find many plumbing parts as well. 

So, why will anyone take this burden of cleaning? Some people do like to take this challenge and resolve the issue on their own, but if you are not so motivated to do so then you need to call a local drainage contractor who will charge you more. However, for some drainage issues, you definitely need a pro because it is not easy to clear it on your own. For the main drain that is clogged by the trees and caved in pipes, you need a professional to help you.

Well, here is a step by step guide if you do not know how to unclog a drain on your own.

First you should locate a clog:

To clear a clog you first have to locate it and this will take some trial and error. If there is a fixture that is clogged there is a problem in the trap or drain line which will lead from that fixture.

In case there is a group of fixtures which is affected you should look for a clog in a location downstream to see from where the drains are joining.  An underfloor drain system often results in wastewater backing and to avoid this, an insertable backflow preventer is needed.  Thus, you will be able to reach the floor drain trap and clean it properly.

If cleaning the fixture trap is not good enough to solve the problem, you will need to rent a drain cleaning machine.

Second, Make use of drain cleaning tool to unclog the remaining drain

You must remove the cleanout plug when you begin to work on an under-floor drain. You must remove the plug from the corroded steel or cast the iron fitting. Make use of a pipe wrench that has a steel pipe slipped over the handle to enhance the leverage. You will have to resort chiseling if it will not work. If you remove the cleanout it will release a flood of backed up waste water so you should be prepared with rags and buckets.

Once you have taken over the clog you should replace the cleanout plug and use plastic instead of a metal plug. Do not forget to make use of a Teflon plumbing tape and then seal the threads. If the cleanout fitting is corroded or damaged then you will have to install the expansion plug. The plumbing suppliers use a lot of couplings and plugs which is great to solve the issue.

Third, rent a drain cleaning machine

You should determine the clog position and know the symptoms. Small drain lines need half inch cable, but large one needs ¾ inches of cable. The rental agent will be able to guide you about the machine and tell you how to use it perfectly. The agent should also be able to tell you about the safety instructions. You must inspect the machine and test the in ground fault circuit interrupter. These machines are big in size and you require help to carry them.  

Fourth, using the machine:

The machines are dangerous and powerful if the safety instructions are not followed in a proper manner. You will need guidance to use the machine. If you are not sure how to use the machine, get in touch with the professional contractors who are experts in sewer maintenance and repair.

If the clogging is a minute one, you can take care of it on your own, but if the problem is big, then it’s better to rely on professionals.

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