When it comes to cleaning the home, a bathroom is almost always the least favorite place to work on. It’s a chore and nobody wants to do it. In the end, it has to be done.

So, let’s be realistic and accept that it’s not going away anytime soon. What we can work on to make this task better—whether you do it alone or with your family—is speeding up the work process using handy tips and tricks.

Of course, it’d be easy to just say the best way to save time cleaning the bathroom is to pay someone to do it but heck who has extra disposable income nowadays anyways. What I’m going over today is what to do to get this chore done the old fashion way, with your own hands.

Using everyday household items—like lemon, vinegar, and baking soda—you’ll bring you bathroom back to it’s fresh, clean, and germless glory. Time to start thinking about what you’re going to do with the extra free time. Personally, I’m squeezing in a few extra Netflix episodes.

Pretty Mildew-free shower curtains

Moisture in the environment can lead to all kinds of bad things. In the bathroom, it’s mildews BFF. A quick and easy tip to keep it at bay is soak the curtains in salt water before putting them up.

If you’ve had them up and need a way to remove the mildew in them try this mixture

Clean and Unclogged Shower Heads

If there is hard water where you live then a clogged shower head is most certainly a problem. You’ll notice some of the water holes will be blocked and mineral deposits build up. Don’t you dare waste money buying a new one–unless your remodeling of course. 

Chrome and Lemon

Water spots are going to happen on chrome, unfortunately. The shower and sink are hot spots for this but it’s cheap–and super easy–to remove these. 

For extra cleaning power mix lemon with vinegar, my fave natural cleaner.

Mirrors and Black Tea

Another area that hard water stains and water spots will build up on are mirrors and glass showers. Well, black tea has tannic acid which dissolves dirt and stains.

This combo will remove those unsightly stains and help prevent them from building up again. 

Keep the Toilet Clean and Germ Free

Do you know that vinegar and baking soda are a toilet’s best friend? Seriously. 

Jokes aside, this dynamic combo is the best way to naturally clean a toilet. It’s a cleaning solution that will destroy germs, mold, bacteria, and all kinds of scum. 

The fastest and best way to clean the toilet is so start by pouring the baking soda and vinegar solution into the bowl. Let it sit in there while you work on the rest of the toilet.

Spray down the outside of the toilet then work your way down. Starting at the top prevents any streaks ruining your hard work and effort.  Don’t forget the wall behind the toilet and the floor. Flushing spreads germs all over the place. 

After you’ve got these areas in check get back to the bowl. Scrub it down and don’t forget the under rim of the toilet bowl.  Finish by sanitizing your cleaning toilets and your all set.

Check out this neat video for a visual

The Toilet Paper Roll Air Freshener

Do you love the smell of essential oils? There are so many and since you can combine them to make your preferred scent you should be using them. They’re a natural way to freshen a home.

A unique way to spruce up the bathroom is to add  a few drops of your favorite scent to a toilet paper roll. When someone pulls out a sheet it will roll and the motion will help release the scent–during the most needed times.

A Stinky Toilet Brush Isn’t a Good Toilet Brush

A step most people skip is keeping their toilet brush clean. It’s understandable but keep in mind germs love wet places and what happens to a brush when you dip it in water?  It gets wet!

Disinfecting the brush will remove foul odors from it and keep it sanitized for its next use. Get some all purpose cleaner or vinegar+baking soda–notice the trend–and spray it on to the brush.

Fill the holder with vinegar or disinfecting spray and let the toilet brush sit in it. This will keep it fresh and clean. Remember to replace the solution every few weeks to keep it so fresh and so clean clean.

Wrapping up these bathroom cleaning tips

So the best way to get these tips to work is to start doing them. Keeping the bathroom clean is pretty simple and straightforward. Just use some of these hacks to help you along.

Which is your favorite hack/tip? Is there anything you can share? Let us know.

Written By: Steven Wood from Swank Den.

Steven is an interior designer/blogger than has been in the industry for 10+ years