Get the Most Bang for Your Buck with These Bathroom Reno Ideas

The 2020’s have been off to a rocky start for a lot of people and industries across the world. However, one industry, the real estate industry, has managed to thrive. Folks have been cashing in on the high demand for housing and, if the real estate insights for 2022 are accurate, the housing cash cow […]

The Importance of Choosing Professional Bathroom Fitters in Edinburgh


Whether you are remodelling or simply updating your bathroom, having trusted and certified professionals on your side could mean the difference between immaculate finishes and endless repairs. Bathrooms are about smart design and creating a space that is both practical and beautiful. With expert bathroom fitters Edinburgh residential and commercial clients can expect a modern, […]

How To Glue Metal To Glass

Glass and metal are quite common materials that can be used in the home and industry. Often there is a need to glue such materials, which can be quite difficult. Special substances and adhesive technologies are used for this purpose. Types of adhesives  First of all, you should decide what kind of substance to use […]

DIY Guide for Regrouting and Sealing Shower Walls

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The tiles of the shower walls might need regrouting way more often than the rest of the bathroom tiles or any other floor of your home. This is because these walls come in contact with water and moisture way more than the floor tiles. You can get rid of the stains on the shower walls […]

A Few Facts About Choosing a Toilet Basin

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One of the most important parts of your bathroom is the toilet basin, and a poorly made basin will leave you with a large amount of cleaning up to do when you take a shower. So if you don’t want to experience that kind of hassle then you should think about purchasing a good basin […]

Reasons to fall in love with a pull out kitchen faucet

You know it yourself too and must have also read it everywhere that the kitchen is one of the busiest places in the house. Hence, when it comes to upgrading the looks, you try to be careful even though it means implementing a few changes. After all, you cannot take risks with the functionality of […]

7 Unique Bathroom Cleaning Hacks You Haven’t Heard of

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When it comes to cleaning the home, a bathroom is almost always the least favorite place to work on. It’s a chore and nobody wants to do it. In the end, it has to be done. So, let’s be realistic and accept that it’s not going away anytime soon. What we can work on to […]