Glass and metal are quite common materials that can be used in the home and industry. Often there is a need to glue such materials, which can be quite difficult. Special substances and adhesive technologies are used for this purpose.

Types of adhesives 

First of all, you should decide what kind of substance to use to join the two materials. The type of adhesive for metal to glass is considered solely in view of the features of the chosen adhesive substance. They can be as follows:

1. Two-component epoxy glue. It is characterized by high insulating properties, very high strength, electrical conductivity. In most cases, its consistency is transparent, consists of two components, for use it is enough to mix them together. Today, such adhesives are very widespread, as they are easy to use and allow you to achieve a very high result.

glass railings stairs

2. Silicone with high thermal resistance. It is often used to glue the glass to the metal of the oven. The main properties are indicated by the manufacturer in the instruction manual, as a rule, the layer after curing is not afraid of fats, oils and exposure to high temperatures. In addition, among the main properties are resistance to low temperatures, the glued object remains intact even when the indicator drops to -60 °C.

3. A product called “Moment-Crystal”. When it is used, the bonding procedure is greatly simplified, the layer is obtained elastic and resistant to a variety of influences. After the deforming load is gone, the layer returns to its original position after some time. Such an adhesive is quite often considered when looking for an answer to the question of how to glue glass and metal, especially when working with parts that may be subjected to vibration loads.

4. Car glue resembles rubber in its main characteristics. It is ideal for gluing metal and glass. It is worth considering that it is rarely chosen when decorating because it has a black color.