For real, admit it! Nobody likes it when their electrical cords and cables from their TVs, Computers, lamps and other appliances get twisted all around their focal wall, oh! They never ever look visually appealing.

There are two major ways to solve this flaw, you can either hide the cables, or turn them into a wall art. You can take a look at some of the photos which are attached to this post, to get a clue on exactly what we are talking about.

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How To Organize Indoor Cords

You can come up with all sorts of ideas for this type of wall art. Just pick a theme or try to create something abstract. It doesn’t have to be an exact replica of the real thing.

Take a look at this interesting mantel. It has a beautiful ornate design but, the only thing that makes it unusual is the fact it’s just a big long cable arranged to look like this. It’s actually the cable from the little lamp you see here.{found on site}.

You can’t hide all the cables so have fun with them. This combination of TV and Playstation is eye-catching mainly because of the way the cables were arranged on the wall.{found on lifehacker}.

Hiding Indoor Cords

Try something simple for the cables in your bedroom. For example, use colored tape or paper to make decorations like these leaves and the lovely little bird.

Very long cables are usually tied in a role and hidden out of sight but with a little bit of imagination you can leave them in plain sight and even turn them into wall art.

Colored cable provides you with even more opportunities when it comes to creating interesting arrangements for the walls.

This interesting sketch was created using a long black cable and a light bulb. It’s a very cool idea for a modern home. All you need is lots of cable and an empty wall.{found on todayandtomorrow}.

Don’t worry if you nothing specific comes to mind. You can create interesting things with abstract forms and shapes.

Take this piece of wall art for example. It’s just a black cable arranged in an apparently chaotic form. It looks very interesting and it’s a simple way of creating a focal point for the room.{found on themarionhousebook}.

If you prefer simple, straight lines and clean angles, try a geometric pattern like in this case. This type of cable wall art can look great in any kind of space.

A very simple design and an interesting juxtaposition. The bright orange cable stands out on that gray wall and disappears into the brick wall.{found on flickr}.

You can create intricate and complex designs as well as create interesting and eye-catching color contrasts.

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