Also known as a hoover or a sweeper, a vacuum cleaner is recognized as a device which uses an air pump for creating a partial vacuum for sucking up dirt and dust mainly from floors and other surfaces, like draperies and upholstery.

The accumulated dirt gets collected either by the use of a cyclone or a dustbag for later disposal. See the best vacuum cleaners at

The vacuum cleaners that are used in homes and industries are found in different models and sizes. Some models are wheeled canister models, small battery-powered hand-held devices, and huge stationary industrial devices which can handle many liters of dust prior to getting emptied.

Some specialized shop vacuum cleaners are used for sucking up both liquids and dust.

A vacuum is considered the most effectual of all cleaning tools and at times, it turns out to be expensive too. You will come across many different kinds of vacuums, like Shark APEX DuoClean, that are equipped with distinct features.

This is why; before buying a top rated vacuum cleaner, you must know the kind of vacuum which can cater to your needs well. Selecting the finest vacuum cleaner is quite a tough task and for making things simpler, you must know about the various types of vacuum, the features they possess and the type of flooring on which you will use the vacuum.

The types of vacuums

There are mainly two types of vacuum; cylinder and upright. Both the types have their pros and cons. So, before you decide whether you ought to buy an upright or a cylinder vacuum cleaner, you must know some facts like cylinder vacuum cleaners are easier for using as the motor units are smaller and people can vacuum a wider space with its head and they don’t have to move the motor.

The majority of the cylinder vacuums are found with attachments which are stored inside them for fast put-away and retrieval.

On the contrary, the upright vacuum cleaners tend to be heavier. These vacuums turn tougher to move and they are less suited for cleaning small spaces and gaps. When weight turns an issue for you, then you must use a canister vacuum cleaner.

Many upright vacuums are found with attachments for helping you clean the more tough-to-get-at-places. The main benefit of an upright vacuum cleaner is its suction power and in these vacuum cleaners, the motor tends to be closer to the vacuum head compared to a cylinder. While looking out for a vacuum cleaner you would like, it is important that you must know about the various types of vacuum – like water filter vacuum, New 2-Speed Sirena Vacuum and Karcher water filter vacuum.

Uses of vacuum cleaners

Any vacuum cleaner that includes Shark APEX DuoClean comes with advanced and unique parts and components, like filters which turn it into a reliable tool to be used at home and workplace. The benefits of vacuums are:

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