The days are getting shorter, the leaves are falling, and the temperature is dropping. These are all signs that winter is fast approaching. Start now to get your living room ready for a cozy, comfortable season. Use the following tips to help you get started.


Bring on the Heat

The first thing you need to do is prepare for the drop in temperatures. Begin by having your heating system looked at or re-designed by a professional. When it comes to HVAC Fairfax has many people that can help you out like those at HVAC Design. Space heaters will help knock the chill of on especially cold days. These can be attractive additions to the room. Modern heaters are made to look like working fireplaces or old fashioned wood stoves. Even a heated blanket can be a welcomed friend on cold evenings.


Warm Additions

Most people spend a lot more time indoors during the winter months. The family room can become the new hub of activity. Add piece to the room that will make it more inviting and comfortable throughout the season. Throw blankets and extra blankets are terrific while watching a movie on TV or reading a good book. Stock the pantry with hot chocolate, popcorn ,and all of the ingredients you’ll need for a batch of homemade cookies. These special treats will add warmth to even the coldest days.


Creature Comforts

Make the living room a space that all ages will enjoy. A game table in the corner that is stocked with cards and board games is perfect for everyone from the littlest preschooler to the oldest family member. Hook up the video game console to keep the teens entertained. Set a basket filled with movies next to the TV, and set out several types of books on the coffee table. Even the old family photo albums can provide hours of fun on a chilly day spent indoors.

Once you are sure the house is toasty warm and that you have all of the necessary creature comforts, you are ready for the winter months to arrive. Now you can sit back and relax with your family and friends while the cold weather envelopes the world outside.

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