5 Advantages Of Window Blinds Over Conventional Curtains


If you’re planning for a home or office space remodeling, then at some point, you will need to decide if you’ll have to go with window blinds or curtains. Generally, there’s a current argument on window blinds vs curtains, but that’s not what this post is about.

For those who have decided to go with window blinds, you will need to consider the kind of window blinds to be installed. Perfectly chosen blinds can fabulously complement your interior and will act as a perfect covering to insulate your home from the heat and cold. Today, window blinds are used in almost every home, since they offer more privacy, block the harmful rays of the sun, and restrict the hot air and cold air from moving out. Thus, we may say that blinds are a perfect way to make our home energy efficient.

Window blinds may be used in the homes, offices, outdoor areas, and in the individual rooms. Whether you live in a desert area or colder regions, blinds can make your home energy efficient and protect you from heat and cold. It can also protect your precious furnishings and home pieces from the direct rays of the sun.


There are many options available in the blinds and the foremost is eco blind. It does not get worse with the heat or becomes wet like wooden blinds. You can choose eco-wood blind, since, it retains the look of the wood, but is made up of PVC material.

Window Blinds Offer an Array of Advantages

  • The chief purpose of installing window blind is to safeguard the home from outside environmental factors. It can block rain, sunlight, and save the home furnishing and fixtures. Your home temperature can be maintained at the right level with the blind.
  • Secondly, you may maintain the right kind of light. You may shade your home from excessive sunlight or can even let enough brightness to come in. The heat level, the shading, and brightness, everything can be well maintained.
  • Within the blind, you also get the option of dual roller blinds, which acts as both roller blind and the sunscreen blind within the same bracket. Thus, you enjoy either type of blind on the windows, as per the weather condition.
  • Blinds also protect your home from the prying eyes of your neighbors. It can shield the room from any outside view. If the home has a large window area, you have even more need to use the blinds. Use either Venetian blind or a roller blind to block the view of the outsiders.
  • If the color and style of the blind are perfect, it can act as a great addition to your room. The perfect blind can complement the look and feel of your interior. So, we can say that blinds are a great decorative option.


Types of Window Blinds

  • Comprised of the horizontal slats from aluminum material and going across the window is the Venetian blind. Here, you enjoy more flexibility as the angle can be adjusted to let the right amount of light to enter.
  • Pleated blind is another popular blind, which is made of pleated fabric. When you pull up this blind, the fabric is automatically pleated.
  • Wooden Venetian blinds are same as Venetian blind, but with the exception that the material is necessarily made of wood.
  • Roman blinds are the blinds that are folded up to allow the right amount of light to enter the room.

If your windows are large, you may divide the window into narrower blinds for more adjustment options and a better light control. Choose the material of the blind with utmost care. It must be as per the look and feel of the home. Vertical blinds can amazingly streamline the look of the windows. Well, your choice depends on your budget.