Ever had yourself lost in thought just trying to figure out how best to install an area rug in your living room? trust us, we’ve been through that before!

Living room area rugs offer design flexibility. If the placement is correct, the whole room gets into focus. Therefore, invest time and effort when locating the ideal rug shape and size for your living room.

Line-Drawing For An Area Rug

An area rug in a living room is basically a geometric flat form framing the floor. Inside a square space, wherein you’d want to have a regular 18-inch boundary between the room’s perimeter and baseboards, a square rug is essential. If locating a square rug is hard, make one yourself by carpet squares that connect together or snap for custom underfoot coverage.

Apartment Living Room Ideas

A curved wall, open space, or a big room fitted with a chandelier could look better when a round carpet encircles the primary seating – daybeds, sofas, and chairs. The round carpets must be big enough for covering a majority of the floor, or they may end up looking odd.

Area Rugs: Does Size Really Matter?

An improper carpet size can inappropriately shift a living room’s proportions. Smaller carpets would make the whole room look disconnected and smaller.

Designs For Living Rooms

A big rug area, on the other hand, will dwarf the seating space and extend to the open dining area, resulting in the room losing its definition. The entire furniture set, as a result, will sit on one huge carpet, blurring the room’s traffic patterns.

Area Rugs: The More, the Better

Use a large carpet to cover an unsightly floor and have a smaller, show-off area rug layered over it. Add insulation and muffle the noise from drafts and enhance the floor cosmetically with a dwindled oriental, leaving a wood plank border presenting around the room’s edges.

Interior Decoration Living Rooms

Beneath the coffee table or ahead of a daybed or sofa, position a tribal rug above the oriental. It churns out immediate floor décor, is attractive, drawing attention to the highlighted portion of the room. If the floor cover is a sea-grass mat or sisal rug, attaching a knotted or woven carpet in the conversation room or beneath the reading chair will create a comfortable ambiance.