I understand that it is totally human to fall in love with everything sometimes, so much that it is hard to let go of anyone of our precious items. Seasons always come and go, sometimes you feel like all those pieces are important, and some other times they begin to seem like a mess… ever been in that shoe?  Were you  looking to know how to declutter your room or closet as quickly as possible but you could not find the best home decluttering tips to guide you? That’s probably why you are still reading this post.

I promise that by the time you are done with reading this post, you will be better equipped with practical steps that will guide you on how to completely declutter your room without going through much stress or pain, even with the most limited time-frame.


Here are our easy steps which will help you declutter your room fast.



Home Decluttering Tip 1: Take Some Time

Now as you may have known, there’s no point telling you lies about decluttering your room in just a few minutes, that would be wrong. No matter how quickly you need to take out some items in a room, the best way is to schedule a block of time for this activity.

If you are often very busy, then the best idea for this task will be to take out some time daily for this task. For example, you can assign a single hour on a daily to this task and you’ll be done in probably less than seven days. It all depends on the size of the room.

Home Decluttering Tip 2: Last Usage Time

Now before you take out any item, you really have to consider the most important point ‘when was the last time I really used it?’ This is the most difficult challenge decluttering experts have had to face over a number of years. Clients and home owners need to get out of the ‘maybe it will be useful in the future’ box. read our post on recycling of old household items.

Know that whatever you cannot find a use for in real time, can stay in the box till its ‘future time’. For those items you do not need to keep, then be nice to give them out as donations or help them find their way to the trash.

Home Decluttering Tip 3: Twin Items

Trust me, you do not need more than one item type except they are items like batteries and light bulbs. You can keep a spare or two neatly tucked in somewhere in your wardrobe, however, it would be against the decluttering etiquettes to have 5 sweaters luring around your home. Come On!

Home Decluttering Tip 4: Categorize And Organize

For every item type in your home, they need to have their own storage space. Different types of clever containers and boxes have been made in order to help home owners arrange their apartments carefully.  Get creative with the use of boxes and trays.

Home Decluttering Tip 5: Label It

Why don’t you get a sticky tape and a simple marker? You may have a very sharp memory but we can also agree that what is written down will stick forever. Labeling your boxes add some kind of visual spice to the stacks.

This also saves you from the stress of wrestling from one box to another to find a needle.



Home Decluttering Tip 6: Unto Your Tents Oh Items!

I am so guilty of this! How is it that we always fail to put things back from where we collected them? For every time you wear a shoe, return them to the rack! You don’t want to see the foot mat at my front door. It is already piled up with so many shoes. I promise I will change

Home Declutterin Tip 7:  Plan For Another Plan

As long as you live in a house and continue to utilize the items in that home, then decuttering has to be a continuous activity for you. No one home decluttering project is enough to last a year, in most cases, you may need to repeat the task every 2-3 months, all depending on how much time you have. If you are very busy, then your friends or kids could come in handy.

Avoid procrastination, are you still confused on how to declutter your home fast? The best time to act is now! Don’t postpone.

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