Calling the shots when it’s time to decorate a rented apartment can be pretty much challenging… this is so because you may have signed an agreement with the home owner that you will not be boring holes into their walls or putting up that wallpaper you just found on Amazon.

We can all agree that when it comes to decorating our own home, there are no limits, except possible financial constraints or when you run out of creativity, but for a rented apartment, the story is completely different.

If your landlord is kind enough, he or she may permit you to repaint the walls or install some types of  furniture, however, that may not completely give you the dreamy result you have always wished for.

What’s the way out? In order to decorate a rented apartment, you need to make use of an interior design tactic which is known as the ‘non-committing design tactic’. This is a procedure which involves the use of interior design materials that can be easily removed without causing any possible damage to the interior space of the home. Furthermore, it involves the use of cheap materials which can be easily forgone, Furthermore, it involves the use of cheap décor items, and some other accessories that you can take with you, whenever you’re moving out.

Here are 10 clever ways to decorate a rented apartment, even if your landlord is very hostile.

Furniture Slip Covers



You may not like that old sofa but what can you do? it’s just there and you probably have to live with it. But you can get beautiful slip covers and hide the ugliness, or change its color at the very least.

Hang Light Wall Art



Hanging art on the walls doesn’t necessarily mean drilling holes. If you hang art pieces that are light enough, you can simply use double sided tape.

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