Dethatcher Rental Stores

Dethatchers are lawn tools that are used for removing thatch from lawns, so as to allow air, water and nutrients, easy access to the roots of the grasses for a healthy and attractive lawn.

A healthy lawn is the envy of neighbours and as such it should be properly maintained to retain that status.

What Is A Dethatcher Used For?

The dethatcher is designed with vertically oriented blades at its base useful for cutting through the lawn to remove thatch, thereby restoring your lawn grass to its lush and green nature.

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Dethatcher Rental Stores Near You

You can rent a dethatcher from most garden centers and home improvement stores in the United States and Canada. Take advantage of Home Depot or Lowes Tool Rental Program to rent quality and reliable dethatchers.

How Much Does A Dethatcher Cost?

Dethatcher exists in various models, sizes and cutting power, which plays an important role in its pricing. However, the average cost of a dethatcher ranges between $120-$620

Should You Rent Or Buy A Dethatcher?

Renting or buying a dethatcher depends on the nature of the project or the frequency of its use.

If you require a dethatcher for a private one-time dethatching of your lawn, it means the use of the dethatcher is minimal. Thus, the best option available to you is renting a dethatcher. Renting a dethatcher in this case will save you additional costs to be spent on maintenance and storage of the dethatcher rental.

However, if you need a dethatcher for large scale/commercial dethatching, it means there will always be need for the dethatcher. Thus, it is cost beneficial to buy a dethatcher. Buying the dethatcher in this case, will save you the stress and cost of frequent dethatcher rental.

Dethatcher Rental At Home Depot

Home Depot offers tool rental for dethatchers. You can rent high quality and well-branded dethatchers- ideal for efficiently removing thatch from your lawn, at Home Depot store for low prices.

Home Depot Dethatcher Rental Cost

The Home Depot Rental offers 4-hour, 24-hour, weekly and monthly dethatcher rentals in select Home Depot locations across the U.S. and Canada. It is represented as follows:

Note: The rental cost for dethatcher represented above, may likely vary across the selected Home Depot Tool Rental Stores in the United States and Canada.

How To Rent A Dethatcher From Home Depot Online

Renting a dethatcher at Home Depot is pretty simple. The following procedures should properly guide you towards renting a dethatcher at Home Depot. They include:

Dethatcher Rental At Lowe’s Equipment Rental

Lowes offers tool rental for dethatchers. Rent ‎John Deere 40-in Dethatcher, Greenworks 14-in Dethatcher, Agri fab Dethatchers, among a host of other reliable and well-branded dethatchers at Lowes store.

Lowe’s Dethatcher Rental Cost

The rental cost for dethatchers at selected Lowes rental stores is charged on an hourly, daily, weekly, and on monthly basis. It is represented as follows:

Note: The above rental cost for dethatchers may likely vary across the selected Lowes tool rental stores in the United States and Canada.

How To Rent A Dethatcher From Lowes Online

Renting a dethatcher at Lowes is easy, you only need to follow through these simple procedures. They include:

Cheapest Dethatcher Rental Store Near You

Comparing the rental cost for dethatchers between Home Depot and Lowes stores would leave us with slight differences in their rental pricing. 

Home Depot charges $54-$924 for dethatcher rental, while at Lowes it is between $49-$927. As such, dethatcher rental at Home Depot is slightly affordable as compared to Lowes.

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