Meals around the table with family and friends are some of the best times of our lives, so they absolutely deserve a little fanfare every now and then!

All too often we all settle for the simple plate and cutlery, run-of-the-mill dinner table setting, but what if you could transform the look and feel of dinnertime with a little bit of creativity and minimal effort? Well, you can! It just takes some styling and a few considerations to get right.

Follow these tips and ideas, and you’ll be tucking into delicious meals with a gorgeously styled, warming atmosphere around you in absolutely no time…

dining table setting

Set for the seasons

Try to always factor in the time of year and the weather when you’re starting to style your dining table. Failure to do so can create an off feeling in the room that just doesn’t work, for example, using rich jewel tones in the height of summer doesn’t feel that appropriate.

Stick to richer, darker colours for colder months and opt for bright tones and light neutrals during the summer.

Consider your company

Always think about who is actually sitting at your table! A room full of kids is not going to work with luxurious white linen tablecloths, just the same as loud patterned, plastic placemats might not be best for formal dinners with grown-up guests.

Accommodating for the visitors you have will make the room feel more personal and welcoming for everyone.

Style ideas…

Looking for some inspiration? Here are a few beautiful ideas to dress your table up perfectly for all kinds of dining occasions…

Casual Country

Country style is all about creating a very warm and comfortable atmosphere that feels cosy for everyone. If you have a lovely timber or wood dining table, leave it exposed and place down some blue and white gingham placemats.

Mix intricately designed cutlery with plain, everyday knives and forks, lay out a few chunky wooden boards and use craft toned paper napkins. A bunch of sunflowers in a vintage-looking white water jug will complete this scene perfectly.

Cheerful Colour

This one is great for kids or for eclectic homes that love a little playful design in the room. Find a block-coloured tablecloth or even a cheap table runner in a muted tone like soft mint, dusty rose or pastel yellow.

Next, layer on placemats in interesting paisley or floral patterns in complementary tones – if you’re nervous about this one, you can’t really go wrong with white and royal blue floral mats layered on top of a muted pink tablecloth.

Add bright pops of yellow, orange and red with your crockery and enjoy a colourful yet tasteful table setting.

Elegant Neutrals

Ahh, neutrals, where would we be without them? When you’re entertaining or tucking into a quiet meal with just the adults, neutral table settings are pretty idyllic.

Go light and bright with a clean white tablecloth, thick linen cream-toned placemats and plenty of glass, artistic features dotted about the table. Lay out cutlery and crockery prior to the meal for a luxe, Hamptons style touch.

Matching cream napkins with soft green or blue napkin holders will add a subtle hint of excitement to this refined, elegant display.

Cool Contrasts

Contrasting tones are cool, contemporary and perfect if you keep a modern or minimalist style home. For a striking effect, place black placemats and napkins down on a white tablecloth.

Add white crockery and a blooming orchid in the centre of the table and voila! Very easy, yet effective contrasting.Hopefully, you’re feeling inspired! If you need an extra hand with the formalities of table setting, check out a dining table setting guide to follow.

You’ll be a complete pro in no time.

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