If you are building your home or planning on remodeling the existing home than you might have been thinking about the bathroom. How you should design it and what should be there!

When it comes to designing or modeling a bathroom, the first thing comes to mind is the shower system. Now, when you think about a shower, you must think about what makes a shower great! only then you can make a wise choice that can benefit you in the long run.

Shower faucets are one of the most important parts of a shower set up. Here, I will discuss what should you keep in mind when you are going to buy a shower faucet and how a good shower depends on the faucets.

Consider the shower faucet material

While choosing a shower faucet, the first thing you think about it is the build material of the faucet. In this segment, you get what you pay for. Now considering all the build materials available for shower faucet.

Featuring the most classy look and feel, solid brass is also the most durable and costly option for you. Best shower faucets are made with brass and they look more and more aesthetic over time if you look after them.

Also, you can go with stainless steel faucets. They are durable and last you long enough

You can also think about going with aluminum made faucets, they are relatively cheaper.

But this could end up costing you in the future a lot.  The iron faucet also can do the same.

They will stop working after a certain period because of clogging or stain inside the faucet. That will make you buy another faucet and maybe even cut through the wall.

Shower-head type

Once you are decided the faucet material to go with, it’s time to get a shower faucet head. There are so many types and applications in shower-heads. they are described below to help you decide what you need.

Standard wall mounted shower: 

This type of showers comes with one head with multiple nozzles with it. They spray water with two nozzles or more depending on your choice and intensity levels are also depend on your setting.

You can control the stream with the handle mounted on the wall. 

Multiple headed shower-head: 

This type of showers come with Two or more shower-heads attached to the shower valve. They are all controlled by single or multiple handles. One goes as a rain shower, one goes as a Hand-held and sometimes a Single head shower too.

Hand-held flexible shower-head: 

Hand-held showers are operated with a single head that attached to a long flexible hose. The hose usually comes in 3 to 6 feet long. So these showers have the ability to wash the Hard-to-reach places of your body. Especially this shower-head is perfect for an old person who needs to sit while taking the shower

Rain shower-head: 

Rainshower is flat in general and they spray water like rain from above the user’s head. You need to suspend it right above your head under the roof. Determine where you want to stand while taking a shower in the bathroom.

Body spray faucets: 

This type of shower comes with multiple shower spray and they spray water with high speed all over your body from every direction. Usually, there is one overhead rain spray head, and Six to Eight sprayers on either side of your body.

They are controllable in terms of the intensity level of the water pressure. They also come with a hand-held sprayer head sometimes. Usually, this type of shower faucet comes with a bigger price tag

Shower faucet controllers

Thermostatic controllers are important for your shower setup. This particular part of the setup is not only for your shower, but it also goes for every other faucet you may have in the house.

Bathroom sink faucet, Kitchen sink or tap faucet, bathtub faucet and any other faucet will get the water flow from a thermostatic controller. So be careful when you are choosing the thermostatic controller for the thermal solution.

Be sure to bring the best in the line, no matter what type or how low or high-quality faucets and shower system you bought. 

The thermostatic controller will control the water temperature. With the included controller handle, you will e able to mix up hot and cold water with it. They also come with an automatic controller, that keeps the temperature of the water static to a certain preset level. 

Faucet style and aesthetic design

No matter how much you are ready to pay for the best shower system and the faucets, it is never complete without a practical application.

Hire a professional to do the plumbing job and set up the shower system or do it yourself, both of the situations will require you to give the environment a high priority and your mindset as well. 

You may think that you must use the tiles of the wall and the floor according to your personality. The thing applies to the shower faucet as well.

You have to pay attention to the aesthetics of the bathroom, the bathtub, the sink and the other materials you have there. Make sure to match the colors, the textures, materials and so on.