When selling a home, how well you present it to the eyes of potential buyers matters a lot. It determines how soon your home sells and for what amount. Research shows that well-staged homes get buyers faster and sell for top dollar.

To help you create an impression that stands out, here are some home staging ideas to help you sell your home.

Light it Up

A house without sufficient lighting can be a turn-off. Buyers will find it gloomy and mysterious. It can also hinder viewing, with the result that buyers lose interest too early.

Start by replacing damaged lights or those that are too old and have dimmed. If the problem is with the power rating being too low, buy new ones with a higher wattage. You can also add more light fixtures to rooms where they’re few.

To help light up the home with natural light, ensure the blinds are rolled up and windows clear. Ensure, too, that you avoid the use of dark curtains on the windows and end up blocking all the sunlight. Cut trees and trim bushes growing too close to windows as to block natural light.

Make it Spacious

A spacious home creates a feeling of comfort. Have enough space in you home, so viewers don’t have to squeeze through spaces when they come for viewing.

You can do so by reducing the amount of furniture or use furniture that create the illusion of space like mirrored furniture from places like Homes Direct 365. Remove pieces that are not essential or that are too old.

Do away with things like potted plants that take too much space. Also books and other personal items, especially the ones that you no longer use. If these items are too treasured to be discarded, choose one room and store them there.

Use Colors Creatively

Colors, when used appropriately, can help make your home irresistibly attractive. Use the power of color on walls. Paint them bright to help bring life to the rooms. Use colors on items around the home that can be painted.

If you’re unsure of your artistic side when home staging, seek the advice of a professional artist. You need to paint your home the right way, as overusing or wrong use of colors can result in the opposite and drive buyers away.

Give the Exterior a Facelift

Your home’s exterior is what potential buyers see first when they come to view the home. If it isn’t impressive, the inside may not save the situation.

Mow the lawn, trim overgrown bushes, and uproot weeds. Repair damaged paving slabs and clean the whole compound. If the gutters looked old, repaint them. Same as window frames and any other painted surface that needs a new coat of paint.

Fix or Replace Broken Parts

Any part of your home that appears faulty or too old can scare away a potential buyer. They may feel that the part is a cost that awaits them if they happen to purchase the home. No one wants to own a home which will require them to fix things here and there.

Replace parts that need a total overhaul and fix those that only need slight repairs. It could be a squeaky door that needs greasing or a window pane that needs to be replaced.

Never ignore faults when home staging, however minor they may appear to be. It can mean the difference between having your home find a buyer as soon as it goes up for sale, and having it remain listed for months.


Consider making your home attractive by using decorations. Hang artwork but avoid overdoing it. Use an assortment of flowers, both indoors and outdoors. You can also use attractive pieces of furniture with nicely patterned upholstery.

A home that’s well decorated without going overboard will not only attract buyers but also the highest bidders. Don’t break the bank to do it, though. Make use of what you have and, if possible, do it yourself. Keeping it simple would help avert costs while giving you an opportunity to express your creativity.

Keep it Odor-Free

A mistake that you could make when selling your home would be to allow odors around. It can turn away buyers instantly, regardless of the source of the nasty smell. Whether indoors or outdoors, ensure odors are eliminated.

Most of the time, pets are the source of odors in a home. Have a friend or relative keep your pets for the entire period you’re selling your home. Ensure you use fresheners to be sure that your home smells sweet. You cannot afford to lose a customer because of odors.

Home staging makes the home you’re selling visually attractive to woo buyers. It helps the home to sell quickly and at a higher price. Because humans naturally like what they see, home staging remains one of the most crucial parts of the home selling process.

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