Home is the one place we need which to be constant in our ever-changing lives. But a house doesn’t become a home until it is adjusted to its dwellers’ comfort.

This is the main reason people consider home additions. To not change the living situation, but to adjust to one’s needs. Home addition is also an investment to make a house more appealing to clients.

Studies and surveys have proved that home additions give a significant amount of increase in ROI percentage when done correctly.

So, whether you are a homeowner trying to adjust your living situation for better or a realtor agent trying to make your house stand out to the buyers, knowledge on home addition is a must.

To build the complementing additions to your home, or to find a dependable room addition contractor, some basics on home addition cost knowledge is immensely helpful. 

What Considered as Home Additions?

House additions or home additions are, as the name implies, additions to your home. It can be a patio in front of your house or a full-on guest house outside of the house.

You have to decide what kind of addition you want for your home depending on your needs, budget and the condition of the house itself. Many houses need sunrooms to give an accent to them; many require a garage to increase its value in the real estate market.

Some house needs a little extra space to squeeze a kitchen isle in; some house even needs a second master bedroom with a full bathroom, walk-in closet and full of its other fancies.

So house additions basically include but are not limited to bedroom addition, sunroom, balcony, kitchen, bathroom, second story, garage, bump-outs, or all of these. 

What needs to be Considered while Adding Additions?

There are many things you need to consider while planning a home addition. You cannot just search Pinterest and come up with ideas.

You must take account of your necessity, cost-effectiveness, space, and practicalities. Researching prior to starting your home additions and writing down ideas are crucial.

Many people make the mistake of not having a solid plan. As a result of their half-baked plan, they often end up with a non-satisfactory result and a burden of crazy loans to bear over that. These are some steps to take while making a home addition:

  1. Researching about Additions: As mentioned above, there are so many verities when it comes to home additions. Adding a deck to build a conventional house additions, so many options to choose from. It is not astonishing to make whimsical and rushed decisions if you do not have any knowledge about what you are doing when building an addition. So, it is best to research first and decide later.
  2. Calculating Cost: Cost is another of the critical factors of deciding a house addition. It vastly depends on your location. For example, San Diego has recently established a more loose rules regarding house additions. But it’s still one of the highest costing place in the US. An average house addition is most likely to cost you around $147 to $290 per square foot, depending on the style- second grade or premium. There are some additional costs for obtaining permits and licenses. If you are adding it on the first floor, the foundation will be needed. This will cost a lot extra too. So, a small 200 square feet guest bedroom on the first floor can cost you about $30,000 if you opt-out for an average one, and $60,000 if you go for a more luxurious one. Same goes for what variation of home addition you want. A simple iron balcony will take about 3,000 USD, whereas a master bedroom closet 1,500 to 2,500 USD, a garage will take only $50 per square foot, whereas a three seasonal sunroom will definitely each near $120 per square foot.  
  3. Room Addition Contractor: Choosing the right contractor is one of the, if not the most, important decision when building a room addition. While you sure can make the garden gazebo more of a family project, but it is best to leave the important jobs like making a bedroom or bathroom to the professionals. Hiring inexperienced contractor can lead to utter failure to your home addition. But an experienced contractor can bring out the life with the perfect plan and decorations. So try to choose the best-rated, licensed, and experience one while choosing a room addition contractor. Janks Construction is one of the top-rated and award-winning construction firm in San Diego.  Suffridge Design & Build, Inc. is another excellent choice as they have been engaged in home addition business for generations. Shear Force Construction Services, Inc and Chaun Miller Design & Construction are more suitable more the luxurious house additions options. In contrast, Classic Home Improvements and JS builders are more of a county-based small project experts. These are just some examples of great room additions contractors. You can choose anyone giving; they are licensed, secured, insured, and experienced. 

Home Additions for Adding Value

Home additions can give back the investments multiplied by big numbers if done correctly. A rightly done Granny Pod in San Diego can return its investment in only 20 years!

Likewise, a bedroom addition offers a 50% ROI, a bathroom, and a second story, 60% and a kitchen 78%. All of them depend on the quality of your house additions.

Because even though it looks cute, but a gazebo or a patio hardly has any ROI value when it comes to reselling the house. 


It really doesn’t take much to turn your house into a home. But you have to be careful and precise while making decisions.

Without the right information about additions and a proper plan, it is more likely for someone to be overwhelmed by the pressures that come with the undeniable benefits of home additions.

So, it is best to know about it rather than shying away from your much-needed home additions.