Considering kitchen decoration with respect to interior decorations and Feng Shui masters, the watchword is simple, don’t crap where you eat. These days, almost all kitchens are designed and styled exquisitely. This is not just to fulfill the righteousness of home decoration, far from it. Kitchen design is done mainly to enhance efficiency and cooking activities. Other reasons like physical enhancement, visual appeal and others come later.

Most modular kitchen setups have made it somewhat easy to make a kitchen organized, however, does it really end there? Observations have revealed that a lot of kitchens have very serious storage errors which will drastically affect the kitchen’s space management.

Here are a few storage errors we have observed in kitchens, and how to have them fixed.



  1. Storage Space

A couple of kitchens are built with storage options in mind these days, these storage options come in form of cabinets where several utensils, equipments and appliances can be stored in the kitchen. Some persons who do not have cabinets opt for the floor, or above the sink, where they pace quite a number of utensils.

If you have a kitchen which was not built with storage concerns in mind, the best idea will be to install a shelve or a rack. Kitchen trolleys can also do justice and help you save space. Having everything organized is the key to space management.

  1. Make good Use Of The Cabinets

A cabinet is not just a cabinet, You may need to know when to use a one-size-fits-all cabinet, and when to use other cabinets of different sizes.

In most cases, a bigger cabinet with various compartments would be the best pick, but what if it lets in the way when you’re walking in and out of the kitchen. Do a proper space consideration if you have to construct a cabinet. For those who already have one fit in, then you’re probably good to o as space would have been factored as a criteria during the initial kitchen construction.



  1. Beware of Kitchen Islands

A lot of us used to believe that kitchen islands were the best options for kitchen space management; I guess experience has helped us to know better. Kitchen Islands really do a great job as far as decorations are involved, however, you must have them positioned in the best possible corner.

What good is an island if it can hold up everything and yet make easy movement a herculean task in the kitchen?

  1. Special Consideration To The Countertop Workspace

These days, there are lots of countertops out there which come in different designs and patterns. Although these are important, don’t just grab them without proper considerations. It is okay to arrange those utensils and appliances that you use on a daily up there. however make sure they are nicely arranged and comfortable for easy access. Be sure no one leans on another to avoid damages due to falls.

  1. Try Small Storage Options

IF you have a stylish basket, and a good place to have it positioned, then this could give your kitchen an additional storage space, as well as a traditional theme. You can hang the basket somewhere reachable with a hook, and stuff a few things inside.

You can also keep materials and utensils in small baskets before locking them up in the cabinet. That way you can put thins of the same function in the same place.

  1. The Kitchen Corners

In a lot of kitchens I have been to, most persons waste their kitchen corners. How about you install rectangular racks that can stay suspended with just a single nail or two?. These racks can be very much ideal for storage of small items.



  1. Respect The Kitchen Triangle

Your sink, stove and refrigerator make up your kitchen’s triangle. These are the most important places in your kitchen and you will be spending a lot of time reaching out from one to the other. Storage options in the kitchen should be designed in such a manner so that these three areas remain unobstructed.

  1. Proper Ventilation

No one would love to eat the meals made from a smelly kitchen. Be sure to have your kitchen well ventilated for proper flow of air both in and out. A very high ventilation system will do a perfect job to help the air in your kitchen stay fresh without odors. The longevity of the kitchen appliances is also enhanced with a good ventilation system in the kitchen.

  1. Trash Management

Do you still keep your trash at a corner in your kitchen? Lol, you’re 10 years behind 20 years ago. Those days are gone. These days, a lot of people now understand the value of recycling and how it helps for an ideal trash management.

Have various trash cans outside your kitchen, probably outside from the closest door to the kitchen. Make sure you have different bags for different kinds of trash so you can easily sort them out.

If you need further help, we’re here.

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