It is often said that when you are hunting for a new house, the two vital places that you should look at are the foundation and the roof. That is because cracks in the foundation and a roof that is in poor condition both represent costly fixes in the near future. But what if you already own the house in question, and you can see that your roof isn’t looking so good?


How can you be sure that you need to replace it now rather than putting it off for a couple more years? Here are six unmistakable signs that you can’t afford to put off getting a new roof anymore.

Missing Shingles

If you look at your roof and you see that there are multiple areas where shingles are missing, then it’s time to contact a roofing contractor. Some people feel like a few missing shingles are unsightly, but they’re no reason to look into getting a whole new roof. However, think of it this way. The shingles are necessary for maintaining the structural integrity of the roof. If some of them have started to go, then it’s likely that others are going to pull away faster than they would otherwise. Even if only some of the shingles are missing, more are going to follow sooner rather than later.

Shingles Flapping in the Wind

If you look up at the roof of your house and you see that some of the shingles flap when there is a strong wind, that means it’s not long before they begin to be blown away. When that happens, wholesale damage is just around the corner.


If any leaks are showing up in your attic, in your crawl spaces, or the hallway ceilings on the top floor of your house, then that is a clear indication that the integrity of the roof is not holding up as it once did. The problem with leaks is that if you ignore them, they’re going to get worse, and they can also cause a ton of damage if there’s a significant rainfall event or snowstorm. If you’re noticing leaks popping up with regularity after conducting a visual inspection, it’s time to call a roofing company.  

Animal Infestations

Animals getting into your home can happen in many different ways. There is no guarantee that it is happening because of a breakdown in the structural integrity of your roof. However, if you hear mice or squirrels in the attic, one of the things that it makes sense to do is to check the roof to see if there are any cracks or crevices through which they are getting in.

Discolored Spots  

If you stand outside your house and you look at your roof, and you see that there are discolored areas where the shingles seem to be darker or lighter, that is possible evidence of weakening or damage to them. You should have a roofing expert go up there to check it out, particularly if you’re also getting leaks in the attic.

Gutters Pulling Away

If your rain gutters are pulling away from the house, it might be a problem with the gutters themselves, the system that’s holding them in place, or it could mean that the roof is deteriorating around the edges.

If any of these are happening, consider contacting a roofing company. They can say for sure whether repairs are what is needed or a complete rip off and replacement.

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