Are you growing tired of how your home interior looks like? Have you been thinking of remodelling your home? This is totally common. There are simply times that you suddenly look around your home and think, “I feel like I could use a refreshing change around here”.

Along with the excitement of choosing which designs and planning for your home renovation, planning for a home renovation could also make you realize how stressful and chaotic it could get. Imagine having to live with the noise of construction, not having access to certain parts of your home, and even losing some of your valuables as they get moved and tossed around the house. Thinking of the challenges associated with a home remodel can certainly make you worry and hesitate.

While there are a number of solutions that can help you during your home renovation, we think it’s important to focus on keeping your valuables safe. Are you wondering how to keep these items safe? Our friends from National Mini Storage points out the benefits of getting a self-storage space during your home renovation:

Provides you Space to Work

If even a simple touch-up requires you to move a furniture to have a space to work on, what more a home renovation? Instead of constantly moving pieces of furniture and valuables from room to room as construction inches its way around your home, getting a self-storage or secure storage unit provides a constant space for work. This also helps minimize interruptions in other parts of your home, making it easier for your house to function just as it would on a normal day.

Lowers the Stress of Renovating

People who already went through a home renovation knows just how stressful it can get – just ask your friends! However, when your valuables and possessions are safely stashed away from the chaos, you can feel a little more reassured that nothing will get lost. Especially if you know there will be workers inside your house during the remodelling, it’s worth knowing that your things are safe.

On average, self-storage units cost around $100 per month – a small price to pay compared to having to replace a damaged $2000 dining table or lose an irreplaceable stolen $300 vintage gramophone. Getting a self-storage unit during your home renovation will definitely be a good decision.

Protects Valuables or Delicate Items

It’s obvious to see that an extensive renovation at home may put your stuff at risk of getting damaged. For instance, if your renovation includes major work on your walls, roofing or ceiling, delicate fixtures and decorations such as paintings and chandeliers may get damaged with falling debris as well as with vibrations that may rumble through your house. It’s a good idea to wrap them up safely and store them in a self-storage facility.

Putting your valuables and other items that could easily get damaged also helps renovators and workers move around. In fact, it is advisable to remove pieces of furniture and other decorations and appliances for major renovation work, such as a repaint or floor modifications.

Easy Renting Process

If this is your first ever home renovation, then it might also be the first time that you’re considering renting a self-storage space in London or your local vicinity. Getting a space in a self-storage facility is rather easy. Storage units are usually offered on a month-to-month payment scheme, which means that should your renovations face delays and you have to rent a storage unit longer than what agreed, you’ll only have to pay for the months you use the space.

In addition, even if your valuables are in self-storage units, they still remain accessible should you need to add items or get some things stashed away inside your self-storage unit. Look for a facility conveniently located within your area for easier access. These facilities are also well-staffed and has 24/7 surveillance, together with an array of features that will keep your valuables safe and secure.

Simplify Your Home Renovation with a Self-Storage Unit

Undergoing a home remodel and renovation sure is a painstaking project. Aside from financing the whole undertaking, you might still have to regularly keep your contractor in check to keep the renovation on-track. It might even be more tedious if you’re renovating on your own. Whether you’re taking the helm on your own or is commissioning a renovator, making sure your items are safely stashed away in a self-storage facility is definitely a decision you won’t regret.

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