Stone Coat Countertops: Reviews 2022


Finding the perfect countertop for the kitchen is not an easy task because there are too many options in the market. For instance, homeowners can find marble, granite, quartz, and wood just to name a few. Even though some of these options are not extremely expensive, a more affordable alternative is stone coat epoxy countertops. […]

Quartz 101: Can You Reuse Quartz Countertops?


One of the latest trends when it comes to kitchen design is quartz countertops. This material has been gaining popularity in the last few years due to its durability and antibacterial characteristics. However, what will happen with these luxurious countertops once the homeowner decides to move into a new property? Can quartz countertops be removed […]

What Makes A Honed Stone Finish So Appealing?

cream kitchen cabinets

Homeowners who value aesthetics often opt for honed stone finishes in their interiors. A honed finish refers to a particular kind of stone surface where you would experience the rustic and natural beauty of the stone. Commonly, the honed finish looks visually appealing in slate, granite, and especially marble. Whether it comes to your staircase, […]