Inspirational Garden Designs & Styles You Can Choose From

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Decorating your home could be quite much of a task, but it’s also super engaging and is a way for you to showcase your creativity. While, most of us focus on the interior of the house and all that goes inside the kitchen, the bedroom, living room, etc. We tend to forget one of the […]

5 Ways to Prepare Your Garden for Winter Temperatures


Winter is coming and you love your garden. You’ve spent countless hours and money on making that backyard is what it is today, and you don’t want it all to go to waste by winter freezing your plants. Planning for winterizing your garden can be rough, especially if you’ve already had an overly cold night […]

Beautiful Blossoms All Year Long: How to Start a Flower Garden in 7 Steps

Surveys show that about one in three American households have either a flower or food garden.  Flowers improve our health, decrease our stress, and provide beauty and peace in an ever-moving world. If you are new to gardening, you may be wondering how to start a flower garden. Here are seven steps you can take […]

How to Revamp Your Garden Furniture on a Budget

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As we are now approaching the summer months, it probably means we are going to start spending more time outdoors and making the most of our garden space. However, you may have the issue of your garden furniture looking a bit worn out, and this could mean that you don’t have anything to sit and […]