Pictures | Interior Design Ideas: Turn Your Home To A Paradise


What is it they often say? A single picture can say much more than a thousand words thus, we’ll be saying as much as over fifteen thousand words with just a few photos. Attached below are some tremendous interior design ideas that can turn your home into a paradise, these pictures were sourced from different […]

How To Become An Interior Decorator


Everyone loves a good reward especially for a job that they love. Especially one that requires nothing more than the business of creativity, little wonder we have continuously received several messages from our readers, seeking to get the best tips on how to become a professional interior decorator. To becoming an interior decorator is a […]

Basic Concepts of Interior Decoration


I was invited to an event recently by a friend and as soon as I took my first step into the hall, all my lips could utter was ‘wow’! To say I was blown away would be an understatement but for lack of a better choice of words I leave it at that. The idea […]