One major interior design taboo that ruins a great décor is the inability to select the right curtain type which properly finishes the classy design adopted in an indoor space. Keen observations have revealed that most professional designers are unable to answer the intimidating ‘tall-or-long-curtain’ question whenever it is thrown to them.

As a professional interior designer, I have observed that there is no specifically generic answer to this question. Interior decorations and design is a very dynamic industry and as such, there is no drawn out winner in the long curtains vs short curtains dilemma.

Picking the right curtain is very much dependent on the space which is to be designed, the activities that go on in the space, and the dimensions of the interior space.

One major place where long curtains are ideal can be living rooms and bedrooms.

Long drop-down curtains have been proven times without number, to have the ambiance to make an interior space glow with elegance, but that’s not all!

Long curtains help to create the illusion of a tall interior space, especially in a place where the room is quite short/small.

Long curtains are also unique for office buildings which are made of glass, they can help to protect the occupants from the sun rays, as a matter of fact, you may never be able to tell what the weather is like if you have tall curtains  right at your office window.

Long curtains are also ideal for interior spaces where you want to gain complete control of the lighting. You will need to be able to control the influx of light into the interior space, and there’s no other curtain that’s a best fit for this job as a full-length curtain.

Short curtains on the other hand are a breath of fresh air. They are the best ideas for poorly ventilated interior spaces of places with extreme human activity.

Short curtains can come in handy in places like your kitchen windows, laundry room windows, as well as your bathroom windows. It is very much important to use short curtains in these important spaces because they can save you a lot of cleaning time, and allow for proper ventilation in these highly toxic areas of a home.

Short curtains are also ideal for places like gym houses and hospitals in order to reduce the heat and aid inflow and outward flow of air.

Have you ever been in the position where you had to choose between a tall or short curtain? Has the tall curtain vs short curtain battle line dilemma ever been a reason for you to take a step back?

Where have you used a tall curtain, and where have you used a short one? Please share with us, we’ll love to read from you!

Season’s Greetings!

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