The best part of owning your own home is getting to decide just how you want it to look.  It does not have to copy the styles  you see on popular decorating shows. It does not have to be traditional. It does not have to anything you do not want it to be. Your home should reflect your character, taste and nothing else.

The Modular Home Myth Decoded

There is a common misconception that modular homes are either inferior in quality or less customizable than stick-built homes. A few decades ago, that belief was true. These days, modular homes, depending on the company, exceed stick-built homes in many areas such as: customization, quality and eco-friendliness.

However, there is one crucial ingredient to a spectacular modular home: a theme. A theme will have two components: style and color. Style will make up your furniture while color will make up, well, everything. Choose a style such as contemporary or modern and then pick 3 – 4 colors. Carry the theme throughout the house.

To enforce an amazing theme, here are 5 often overlooked items that can be upgraded to dramatically improve your home’s appearance.

  1. Add Details and Personal Touches to Windows


Window decorates make a huge difference. They are one of those pieces that contribute to a home’s theme and ambiance despite never being scrutinized. Elegant properties and Craftsman style homes often have details such as crown molding and trims. The good news is that you can purchase these at a local home store and install them yourself. Also look at window coverings and consider turning mini blinds into delicately draped Roman Shades. Your new shades will give your home a royal and luxurious feel to it.

  1. Upgrade Your Boring Closet Doors


Closet doors are so mundane that sprucing one up guarantees admiration. And the good news is that it does not take much to create a custom closet door. To begin with, paint them a solid color that fits your design plan and theme. next, upgrade the knobs or hardware to something custom such as a medallion or fancy handle. And lastly, for extra style, cover the door with a custom mirror.

  1. Match Your Ceiling Fans to Your Home’s Theme


Ceiling fans are either really boring or really cool. They are never in between. There are two easy ways to upgrade them. The first is to paint them a color of luxury – Dark browns, matte blacks or pearly whites. The second is upgrade your bulbs to textured lights. Instead of having the standard bowl-shaped cover, visit your local home store and get creative with light shopping. Make sure to guarantee your home’s thematic consistency by making sure all ceiling fans match.

  1. Personalize Your Patio


If you already have a good BBQ you are halfway finished.  This will be a fun and relaxing project.  Go shopping. Try your local home improvement or garden store and look for a set of appealing chairs, chaises and tables to make your patio comfortable and inviting for guests. You might like one of those dining tables with an umbrella built in unless you already have cover and shade.  Invest in some plastic glasses and dinnerware that match your outdoor furniture. Generally, the furniture and dinnerware should be a color that compliments your patio’s color.

  1. Landscape Your Way to Luxury


Curb Appeal isn’t for the neighbors or visitors, it is mostly for you. Landscaping possibilities are endless, so it is important to decide what you want before you begin exploring the options. What do you want to see when you drive up to your home?  Do you like rose bushes or a variety of flowers?  Do you want a fragrant Jasmine or Rosemary for luck near your front door?  Perhaps you want a beautiful Magnolia or a majestic Oak tree. For complex projects such as planting trees, You will want to work with a local company or gardener to plan to properly plant, nurture and grow your new flowers.

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