Do you have a small bathroom but having a challenge to make it more appealing? Well, there are wonderful ideas for updating your bathroom regardless of budget. The trick is to find a professional building company in Melbourne with the right experience undertaking such projects.

With the right building partner, here are 5 insider tips to a wonderful small bathroom remodel regardless of budget.

Choose an appropriate paint

The right paint is a wonderful idea to give your bathroom an instant makeover. This will make your bathroom seem larger and more spacious. Consider a neutral or bright colour. Dark colours might make a small bathroom seem cavernous.

When painting, don’t forget to give the vanity a new coat of paint for a fresh look. White is a wonderful colour to make your vanity pop with a trendy look.

Get extra space with built in cabinets

Focusing on utility and simplicity is a wonderful idea to give a small bathroom a make over. Regardless of space in your bathroom, there’s probably a corner for built in shelving. You can have a team of professionals to install custom shelving units matching the space available in your bathroom.

This will make accessing the towels and other necessities easier. The best thing is that free standing shelving units are easier to clean.

Pay attention to the floor

Planning a budget remodel for a small bathroom is never complete without an eye catching floor. Luckily, the limited space will give you more room to optimise your budget.

The trick is to hire a team of professional bathroom designers in Melbourne choose a modern tile pattern or heated flooring. Getting a new floor will give your bathroom a fresh and luxury feel.

Opt for glass illusions

Placing regular shower curtains make small bathrooms seem tighter than they are already. The best thing when planning to remodel your small bathroom is to install a walk-in shower. This should have a glass door to instantly open up your space.

The best thing about glass is the ability to make cleaning easier and preventing mildew compared to shower curtains.

Opt for small fixtures

Another wonderful idea to spice up your small bathroom is to choose compact fixtures for your space. These will give your bathroom a streamlined, modern, and sculptural appeal.

The best thing is that compact fixtures are cheaper to lower your budget. This will give you extra money for use to buy other accessories to include in your bathroom for a cohesive feel.

Long term saving is key

To make your bathroom remodel much cheaper, changing your perspective about the whole project is very important. Consider spending on cost effective but energy saving fixtures to save you a tremendous amount in energy bills.

Always look for high efficiency appliances and use a solar water heater to enjoy a better experience in your bathroom without having to worry about hefty bills at the end of the month.


A professional bathroom remodeling team is your best partner to ensure you enhance your small bathroom regardless of budget. These will incorporate ideas like those above to ensure your project is a success.

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