Perhaps you own a house but realize that the entire design of the bathroom model is super small. You don’t have to feel like banging your head against a wall if you lack an idea to change the bathroom’s model! Keep reading if you want to have an elegant solution. 

The cool thing is you can maximize the same space to accommodate a compact toilet. Fortunately, manufacturers came out with several small toilets designed for small spaces. They consist of multiple features for you to choose the one that meets your needs.

The challenging part is knowing where to put a towel and tissue paper. Still, you should have an adequate space for showering — nonetheless, proper design to conjure the toilet and the sink. The whole process requires an expert.

What are the advantages of using a compact toilet? 

benefits of compact toilet


As the name suggests, a compact toilet will be the right choice for you if you own a small bathroom. It will save you the cost of dismantling the whole bathroom to design a bigger model. Interestingly the tiny toilet occupies a small space.


Look at it this way. When you own a compact toilet, it occupies a small space, and therefore, you have a less period to clean it. Imagine for a moment: Is it all that interesting to clean a toilet anyway?

Simple to use

And you know what? If you have small children in the house or a person with a walking disability. Whether they use a walker or a wheelchair, they find it uncomplicated to use a compact toilet. 

Best Features to Consider When Searching for a Compact Toilet

using compact toilet in small bathroom

You’ve heard the advice a million times that you need to understand the characteristics of your favorite compact toilet. The following are the factors you need to put in your mind as you do the selection exercise. 

1.    Measurement

There is one small catch; if your bathroom is small, then consider a small toilet. Caution is necessary about a toilet that will perfectly fit into its allocated space of the bathroom. Round toilets are usually smaller than elongated toilets, but can be a little more cramped. Measure your toilet space, then compare the differences of round vs. elongated toilet models to see which one would work best in your space. The point here is you want accuracy.

For better results, take the rough-in measurements. What it all means is the dimension from the wall to the center of the toilet flange. Let the measurement be perfect to avoid replacing the bought toilet.  

The measurement should accommodate the clearance space. Also, your cistern should have an adequate space behind it to allow fittings.

Have the correct legroom to avoid cramping up when responding to a nature call. Put hygiene above everything by having a distance between a bathtub, shower, toilet, and the sink.

2.    Upkeep

You need to thoroughly clean your toilet to prevent germs from spreading in your bathroom. One significant procedure to follow is to close the lid while flushing. The action will prevent further spreading of germs and growth of molds.

Notably, different types of materials require a specific level of maintenance as you observe cleanliness. But, some designs have the self-cleaning feature, which makes your work uncomplicated. 

3.    Water Consumption

A good toilet should have a proper mechanism to save water. You will find it pocket-friendly when using a toilet that is EPA Water Sense compliant to reduce your bill. The toilet can save 80% less water than a regular toilet will do. 

There are various modern flushing technology that you can use to save water. Let’s analyze in full details:

4.    Seat Height

Different people experience multiple tastes about their optimal height. However, short adults and children find it suitable to use a smaller toilet. For the disabled and taller people, consider using comfort-height-toilets. 

In any case, understand your needs and select an appropriate height to enhance comfort. It’s that simple. 

5.    Durable

A proper toilet should take you for an extended period without further complications. One indicator that the toilet is sustainable is having a more prolonged and comprehensive warranty period.

6.    Installation

It is easier to install a two-piece toilet since it has two separate units, which are light. Remarkably, the one-piece unit is a bit heavier. Besides, you need to oversee a proper installation by ensuring good water flow with no leakages. 

During the installation of the one-piece type, you may require more human resources since the unit is bulky. 

7.    Pricing

Several compact toilets have different prices. It is wise to buy the one that will not hurt your budget. Of course, the best quality comes with higher pricing. If the selected product has additional features, be sure to dig deeper.

8.    Style

Toilets exist in different shapes. For instance, there are rounded toilets and squared ones. Also, there are plain ones, while others have some decorative patterns. Choose your best design that restores a calm and refreshed feeling.

Some people have a touch for specific colors.  Find the appropriate one to enhance a more serene feel. 

Wrapping up

Using a compact toilet is the best option, especially when you own a small bathroom. The design of the toilet will save time and costs of expanding and restructuring a bigger washroom. A compact toilet has all your answers to help you manage a small bathroom.

As a potential user, make use of the array of choices in the market to arrive at a suitable pick. The ideal compact toilet should serve you well for a long duration while helping you maintain proper hygiene.

You can come out of the mindset that the smaller bathroom is restrictive by installing a compact toilet. The design will be allowing you to maximize the available space by killing two birds with a single stone. Choose wisely to avoid errors.