There is no doubt that the beauty of every house is the way it looks on the inside. There’s this inner joy you feel when people complement your furniture or a picture or the general aesthetics of your living room, it’s almost similar to the way a lady feels when a complement is made on her looks.

Colours are an intrinsic and essential factor in designing the interior of your house. A house suddenly comes to life when its painted and the choice of colours you pick can be a clear indication of your style and persona.

Lost Between A Blue Or Pink Design?

This article is designed to examine the two exquisite colours you should seriously consider if you are moving to a new apartment or you are considering redecorating your apartment in the year. Two bright colors have been recognized as the Colors of the year for 2016 by Pantone; the global authority on colours.


Its worthy of note that Pantone are not synonymous with picking more than one colour but for the year 2016, two colours were picked. These blend of colours are light hues of pink and elegant shades of blue.

Why Blue May Be Ideal For Your Interior Design

It’s for this reason that you shouldn’t be overwhelmed with surprise when you visit a couple of friends this year and their living rooms are lit up with elegant shades of blue and light hues of blue.

Blue is considered an ideal colour for creating a positive atmosphere in your living room. For a perfect synergy of work and relaxation, warmer blues, such as periwinkle, or bright blues, such as cerulean or turquoise should be employed in your living rooms and large kitchens.

It is highly recommended for bathrooms and bedrooms by interior decoration experts. Also, if you stay in an environ that is poised to take in lots of heat and sunlight, blue is just perfect for giving it that warmth and serenity.


Psychologists and health experts have also highlighted that shades of blue have been proven to lower blood pressure and heart rate. For folks considering losing weight, blue is considered an ideal colour for your furniture and dishes.

Why Pink May Be Ideal For Your Interior Design

Pink is considered to be generally a feminine colour, so you are most likely to find it in the living room of a female. It might be normal to find shades of pink in a lady’s apartment but it might stun you to realize that about a century ago, Pink was considered the appropriate colour for males while blue was the feminine colour at the time.

Pink is associated with sweetness and as a result of that, shades of pink create an aura of sweet things and a burst of freshness. Pink is believed to be really soothing and highly comfortable. Light shades of pink around your living room evoke a sense of calmness while application of stronger shades on a wall will create stronger intensities of excitement


These two colours are guaranteed to give your interior the style and elegance it deserves depending on your mood. Give your apartment that spark of freshness and you will be glad you did.

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