Unique Restaurant Designs With Half Circle Booths


You can be a franchise owner or own a standalone restaurant, or you could be planning to impart a comfortable and intimate dining experience to your patrons. An efficient seating layout/plan helps you maintain the ambience of your diner.  You want to be able to make sure that each guest walking through the door leaves […]

How To Replace Fascia Wood Under Garage Gutters

garage door

Fascia boards are basically the trim boards that are attached to each end of the roof drip edge. The roofs of houses have sloping edges and these boards are very beneficial for covering all the ends and edges of the rakes of the sloping edges of the roof of your home. The fascia boards installed […]

4 Steps for Fixing a Door Knob That’s Jammed

It’s probably happened to everyone at one time or another. You are walking through your home or office, start to open a door, and it sticks. The doorknob won’t work. Forget any ideas about entering that room. It’s hopeless. Well, maybe not. The truth is that there are ways to open a stuck doorknob without […]

Living Lavish in a Small Space

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If you live in a studio apartment as the case in many cities, you need creative solutions to expand your space. Through design and decoration ideas, you can highlight the beauty and airiness of your area so that you don’t feel closeted. Here are tips to transform a tiny home into a grand living space.  […]

Are Blackout Curtains Worth Having?

black out curtains

Blackout curtains are not a new invention, they have been in use since World War 2. At that time they were used for opposite purpose British used them to hide their interior light from the Nazi planes because the Nazi planes were likely to hit the building from which this see the light coming out. […]

Interesting Ideas for Designing Your Outdoors

vacant lot vs house

Many people like to put a lot of thought into their homes. They want them to be well-designed for their specific lifestyles, and with all the right decisions, your home can be. Through architecture and interior design, the home of one’s dreams can be achieved. For the most perfect plan though, those design efforts cannot […]

Beating the Summer Heat with Commercial Portable Air Conditioners

chilling air conditioner

The heat temperature in Australia from December to February ranges from 20-30°C, but it can get as high as 38°C. That temperature will make you feel as if you are in a sauna. To add to this problem is the high humidity level which accompanies the hot weather, thus, causing so much discomfort for many […]