Another important tip on the line, following our How-To series on how to make your small home look bigger is this new post which will give you the best clues on how to make a small room look bigger with mirrors.

We are hoping that before you go further on reading this post, you have already read our first post on this series which addresses the basic principles bordering on how to visually enlarge your room with the aid of a wallpaper.

Can a Mirror really make a room look bigger?

Mirrors are one of the most effective ways to trick your mind into believing that a small space is bigger than meets the eyes. In the case of a visual enlargement, mirrors and reflective surfaces top the chart.



How exactly do you make a room look bigger using mirrors? Here’s how…

Basic interior decoration principles inform that glossy and reflective surfaces have the potential to expand space.

Mirrors which are strategically placed in an interior space and directed towards a glossy wall will increase the room’s visual and create the impression of a long room. Be sure to hang the mirrors vertically in order to make the room feel tall. Hanging a mirror horizontally will give off the impression that the room is dwarfed. Also make sure that there are no distortions as these will affect the mirror’s reflection and thus, the room itself.

In a few cases, mirrors can be ‘safely’ placed above the room for a glossy stretch at the ceiling, this directly gives off the feeling of a very high room, thus, more space. You can also place a mirror behind lights to give the room some depth.

In the case that you want to increase the illumination of the room and the space, pacing a mirror at the wall which stands at the opposite end of the mirror will help for proper light reflection.



Some Chinese Feng Shui masters claim that hanging a mirror opposite the bed is a very wrong approach in bedroom design as it saps away the energy of the person who sleeps on the bed. We will not be trying to debate that or not, however, we will like to suggest the better option, which is to strategically position a mirror at the edge of your bedroom’s wall, best if you can get a ceiling-tall size installed.  It visually gives the wall as much depth.

While you may be very committed to making your small room look bigger with a mirror, it is important to not overdo it or else, you might just end up wit an uncomfortably hot room that looks like a diabolical shrine.

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