How does anyone cope with a small kitchen? That would almost be a nightmare… In most places, the kitchen is the most important room to the lady of the house, she always wants flexibility, the chance to have everything on one spot in order to cook with ease.

A lot of persons who buy a house or move into a rented apartment do not have the luxury of planning a kitchen design right from the complete planning of the building’s architecture… this sometimes leaves them disadvantaged with a very small kitchen, come to think about it, no woman likes a very small kitchen.

There’s a very high probability that majority of those who will read this post are women… I feel your pain, however, I’m hopeful that this post will help you work something out by putting two and two together to make one!

To be stuck with a very small kitchen space is not motivating, just as it is one of the major setbacks of living in a very small apartment, there are ways to visually expand your kitchen space by making the most of every square inch of your kitchen space.

This post will be looking into most of the unique yet clever ways to visually enlarge that tiny kitchen, and to make it look even much bigger.

Here are 14 ideas that are quite easy to implement and the effect they have is significant. You’ll be feeling much better about your kitchen if you use just a couple of them.

Use Shiny Surfaces



Lacquered cabinets are our favorite because shiny surfaces bounce the light around and a light room is a visually bigger room.

Use a Runner



A runner will add visual length to the floor and make it look better. A runner is easily replaced so you can’t really afford not to try this idea.

Use Open Shelves



Open shelves don’t add so much visual weight as cabinets, they can use the vertical space more effectively and run around shelves are perfect for a small kitchen. So next time you remodel your kitchen, plan for some open shelves.

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