There is no doubt that painting a house is one of the major things to consider, especially when making the house looks more beautiful, conducive and fashionable is the focus. However, the part of the house could be divided into two distinct parts; the exterior part, which is the external, facial or the part that is visible to passer-by and the other part known as the interior part, is the part that is internal i.e the inner part of the house that comprises of the rooms and general inward aspect of the house.

Just as it is important to consider some things when painting the exterior part, it is still so much very important to consider a lot of things before painting the interior part of a house, because the part will go a long way in determining how conducive the house would be. In fact, the interior part deserves more attention because any mistake can render the whole house ugly.


Before You Paint Your House…

To make a house livable and to choose an excellent painting style for the interior part of a house, things to consider includes:

1. Observe The House:

Although everything boils down to proper planning but the first thing to consider when planning to paint the interior part of a house is to observe the house. This observation will make you get to know a lot of things about the house. You need to observe rooms where dark colours will be suitable for and places in the house that requires light colours. For instance, Light colours works in every part of the house while the dark colours requires rooms with lots of light and ventilation. There is need to also observe where glossy or flat paints would be suitable in the interior part of the house.

2. Try Samples:  

After carefully observing every part of the interior aspect of the house. There is need to try the samples of your preferred paints, to see if they are fit and suitable before adopting them, for full usage. How good or bad a paint colour could only be ascertained by testing it. It would even be preferable to spend few little amounts on a sample rather than finding out that the colour won’t work after buying loads of paint.

3. Make An Estimate:

Another crucial step to take before setting out to paint the interior part of a house is to make an estimate. There is need to observe the house properly, so as to be able to make the correct estimate. While making the estimate, you need to have it at the back of your mind that it is very important to have surplus than to run short when the painting is going on. You need to estimate the prize that would cover other equipment needed for the painting.


4. Get Necessary Materials:

After making the estimate of whatever would be needed for the painting of the interior part of the house, the next thing to do is to set out to purchase the necessary equipment. However, some of the things required to perfect the painting of an interior part of a house are: Brushes (Various sizes), Paints, Ladder, Stool, Buckets, Stirrer, Rollers, and Painter’s Tape etc

5. Prepare The House:

When preparing a house, especially rooms for painting, you need to empty the room by evacuating all the materials that are in the room. There is need to open the windows for ventilation and evacuate all the furniture that are in the house. Moving things to the middle of the room is not good enough, evacuate them would do. You also need to remove wallpapers, seal or stains that are in the house and patch the holes before commencing the painting process.


Once the above factors have been considered, then you can commence the painting of the interior part of your house.

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