So I just got a call from a friend, let’s call him Fred. Fred will be tying the knot in a few weeks and he’s already having cold feet. The reason behind Fred’s new jittery nature is not about his choice of a life partner, actually, he can’t wait to get over with it, Fred is just unsure if his small house will be a good fit for a combination of household possessions.

Moving in together after saying ‘I Do’ is one of the extra joys of marriage, waking up next to the person you love, however, the nightmare of losing some of your precious accessories or packing up your favorite wall frames in a box, in order to create enough space for your other half can be dreadful, but is it an overwhelming ordeal?

As I promised Fred, alongside a little compromise from both ends, seeing that his better half also has quite a truck load of possessions she isn’t willing to part ways with, here are a few tips to help every intending couple combine their possessions towards making a super household with an awesome design style from inception to conclusion.

Choose An Interior Design Style/Theme

Before a single home remodeling or makeover, I mean right even before you make the decision to repaint your house with a certain shade of paint, a decision has to be made by both partners. What design theme will you be looking at? Remember that the best reflection of a person’s style is their home. As a new couple, take some time to look through a few home décor sites, this will definitely help you guys bond. With every page that comes up, try to reach a common ground, taking considerations on which possession, accessory or furniture will be a best fit.

Assessment Of Belongings:

The biggest challenge Fred is facing at the moment, is having to merge his already pimped home to that of his wife. Fred has some good furniture which he loves, his partner has same too. Fred Sure likes the bed in his bedroom, it helps to manage space, on the other hand, his partner wants the bigger one she’ll be moving in with, anyone who wants to get through will have to squeeze through. Oh gosh! What should Fred do?

To avoid surprises, the couple should make up an inventory of all their belongings right before they start moving them in order to avoid surprises. If there’s an antique clock you late grandma gave to you while you were 10, both of you should know about it early enough to have it incorporated in your planning.

With one heart, go through your inventories to properly decide, what is needed and what is not, get rid of the things you do not need in your new home, and yeah! Without sentiments (ladies, no pity face here!). For those things we hold very dear, have them neatly packed up in a box for storage, for the others, you can give them off to friends or the needy. Whatever be the case, respect the choices that your partner will make.

How Much Space?

As written earlier, Fred’s bed is a perfect fit for his bedroom type, however, his partner isn’t comfortable with the bed size. Just like that instance, there are bound to be a number of duplicate items on the inventory, especially as Fred and his partner had been living separately for a while. Instead of going on a heated argument over who has the most colorful couch, both partners should consider which couch will fit best in their home’s size. Looking at Fred’s tiny apartment, it is unarguable that a sectional sofa with an L shape will be the best fit.

Although the decision to sell everything off and start again from scratch, buying only the essentials may seem alluring, it really isn’t as easy as it sounds. All it takes to combine a home with your other half is a little preparation, planning and compromise. Moving in together is a wonderful experience when both partners are very much involved.

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