Are you planning to sell your house for cash? Do you want to sell it as is and fast? 

Selling a fixer-upper can be exhausting. Many buyers will be interested in your property, but when they visit your house and find some wear and tear, they quickly lose interest. 

Being honest with your property’s condition is one of the keys to avoid wasting your time. You always have the option to renovate your house a little bit before selling it. But overspending for your renovations is not recommended. Another option is to design your interiors to make your home pleasing to the eyes.

things to do before selling a house

Top 5 Interior Designing Tips 

Designing the interior space of your fixer-upper will make it pleasing to the eyes of the buyer. It will somehow divert their attention. You don’t have to renovate your whole house to sell it fast. Just follow these interior design tips to know how to sell your house as is without doing major fixes. 

Choose the Proper Concept

Common fixer-uppers are more compatible with a concept that consists of natural accents. Choose an idea that will enhance your interior without costing you a lot of money. Most fixer-uppers are old houses that are compatible with a rustic or shabby-chic concept. 

Adding details using either concept will enhance the antique vibe of your place. If you already have designed your interior with a specific theme, you don’t have to change it entirely. Just add some new stuff or remove unnecessary things that you think did not blend well with the whole theme.

Proper Lighting 

Proper lighting is essential. You don’t want your possible buyers to be scared or feel gloomy when they enter your house. 

Add more lighting fixtures to areas that need more illumination. You can also add more windows. If you cannot add more windows, you can put shiny things around your home to reflect more light. Decorations that reflect light will add to the brightness of your space

You can also use white linens, throw pillowcases, and curtains. Also, opt for lighter shades of carpet and furniture. Bright color palettes attract more eyes than the darker shades.

You can also add mirrors on your walls. Stick-on mirrors are prevalent nowadays. It is cheap and easy to stick on your wall. Mirrors also give an illusion of a larger space, which makes it advisable to use on small houses. 

No Need for Big Changes

There is no need to spend a lot if you plan to redecorate your interior for selling. All you have to do is change what needs to be changed and add a little more detail to your existing theme. 

In interior design, small details are the most critical elements. It is what brings your whole space together. Little things have significant purposes, focus on this, and do not overdo your redecorating.

Go for Greenery

If you want to, add some plants here, and there will liven up your space. It goes to both indoor and outdoor. Plants have a lot of benefits, like reducing stress and fatigue. It also boosts your mood, which may come in handy when buyers visit the property. 

Indoor plants add life to a dull space. If you don’t want to redecorate, at least add some greeneries inside and outside your house. It will help give off a lively vibe and will cover some wear and tear on your outside walls.

Include your Entryway

You also have to design your entryway. It is not just a place where you hang your coat or place your shoes. An entryway is what visitors see first. And you have to impress your buyer from the moment they enter your house. Remember, the first impression lasts. 

Simple cleaning and clearing your entryway will have a significant impact. Focus on where your eyes look when you first enter the door. Decorate that area that will relay a welcome message to anyone who will enter your house. 

If you decide to enhance your interior design, always make full disclosure about the condition of the property you are selling. Disclosing your property’s condition might make or break a deal

However, being honest will attract buyers who are genuinely interested in your property despite its condition. It will help you steer away from buyers who did not consider buying a fixer upper in the first place.


Selling your house as-is would not be a bad idea. But doing something to improve the possibility of it being sold fast is not also wrong.

A little redecorating and adding something that will make your entire house salable is the best thing to do. You do not need to spend a lot. Just make sure your home is ready to be listed in the marketplace.