Choosing a career in interior decoration is one great decision anyone can make, especially in a year like this when interior decoration professionals are gaining more recognition, picking up juicy jobs and raking in very large sums with just a single project. We received lots of feedbacks in our mail after our post on how to be an interior decorator went viral, many of our readers especially from Nigeria wrote to us for tips on how to find the best interior decorating schools in Nigeria.

Searching For An Interior Design School In Nigeria

A quick look on Google to look up on interior decorating schools in Nigeria reveals quite a lot of results, however many of the outcomes were various companies doing their best to advertize themselves, with little or no course content.

Now, although this post is a request in order to honor the request of our readers who are looking to find top-notch interior decoration schools in Nigeria, our tips to making a right choice will not be limited to geography, why so? Because as the professional interior decorator that you hope to be, you should never limit yourself, especially from the onset, professional interior decorating goes beyond borders.



In order to find a very good interior decoration school in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world, we would advise that you make your selection simple, by narrowing your options down with these few steps:

Whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well. Think about how you would see a folk who studied at Harvard law, and some other folk who studied at some institute you’ve never heard of, that’s just how it goes. Humans may continue to claim that we are not judgmental, but deep down, we are.

The first impression an interior designer will made will go far to determine how people will see you. There could be instances where you do not have to be present to speak for yourself, however, your certificate from one of the well accredited interior decorating schools in Nigeria can help you rank at the top.

Now this isn’t about looking out for the big names, some big names are all about names and noting more. Although most big names always attract a higher percentage of the big clients through which you can make some vital connections, that’s not enough to make you a professional decorator.

My quick search on the internet revealed a whole lot of interior decorating schools in Nigeria who were basically looking for both clients and trainees, however, a lot of them may be doing things that do not align with your career goals. Be sure to know exactly, what aspect of interior decoration these institutions are majorly into. Some of them may be into constructions, while some major on home accessories.

Be sure to enroll in an interior design school that offers you the best courses in the most practical ways possible. A good course content on interior decorations should go beyond the use of wallpapers, paints or choosing the right curtain designs. It should be able to cover home-remodeling lessons and a step by step guide that should guide you towards becoming the professional that you want to be.

To be one of the best interior decorators, you’ve got to have experience, and to seal up good deals and design projects with mouth watering offers, you may need to convince your clients with a catalog. Completing a course in one of the interior decorating schools in Nigeria is not enough to make you go pro. A school that offers internship or apprenticeship opportunities will be great towards helping you work as a design assistant.

By doing so, you will be able to build a catalog, meet a few clients and gain some professional on-the-job experience.



There is a constant evolution in the world of interior decorations. To make the job more creative, the use of interior decoration games and interior decoration softwares are being adopted by various professionals. Anyone who is looking to become an interior decoration specialist should be sure to attend one of the interior decorating schools in Nigeria that can give you proper guidance on the use of these interior design softwares especially in a time like now that technology is taking over.

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