From so much pressure surrounding us daily, interior decoration can become a really tough job seeing that it is one job that depends a whole lot on creativity. A knick-knacked brain is hardly creative you will agree, thus, understanding the basics of interior decorating are very essential in order to avoid making simple interior decoration mistakes.

Due to the broad nature of interior decorations, it is simple to say that what one person fancies so well, can become the exact definition of a disaster for someone else. However, a recent survey amongst several interior decorators has revealed very startling errors, which are widely recognized by almost every interior decorator who is a Professional.

A lot of persons try to replicate what they see elsewhere, forgetting that in some cases, two houses may have the same shape, but that never makes them the same when it comes to interior decorations.


Here are some Interior Decoration mistakes people make


For every interior decorator who believes to know what he/she is doing, taking the adequate measurement of a house is always the first port of call is always the first step on an interior design project. It is very important that every part of a home should be very well spaced for easily flow of movement around the house

Colour Shades

Colours are beautiful, and can give life to a wall, but first, you have to be sure you have a basic understanding of colour codes and where they best apply. It is not just okay to love the colour theme of your friend’s house, for al it’s worth, their house may have much more light penetration than yours, or even darker.


Home decoration accessories are very important tools in the world of interior decoration, whatever your home’s accessories are, be sure to have them placed properly where they should be. Do you have ancient antiques which were passed down from your father’s father? Or something that has always been in the family line? Sometimes these antiques are rusty and do not fit into our home decoration theme.  If you cannot afford to pass it over to another family member, then you are definitely stuck with the option of repainting them to fit in as much as possible.

Work Judiciously With Your Budget

Before you head to any store to make a purchase, be sure not to fall into the temptation of impulse buying. A series of researches have shown that a lot of persons always buy more than what is necessary. You may try this in any other situation, but in interior decorations, it could lead to a messy result. I mean, where will you have to keep these items? Sometimes, too much becomes messy; this is a common interior decoration mistake that no one wants to make.


Arrangement of Accessories

A little here and a little there could become a nuisance, worse still, your little accessories may start getting misplaced one after the other. If you have so much accessories to display, get a portion or two in your home where you can display them at once. Don’t just throw them on the table, do your best to form a pattern, let one accessory have some form of link to another, that way, you build a story and will be able to detect if any piece goes missing.

No Paints Yet

If you are moving to a new home, be sure to buy all your furniture and curtains first before you finally choose a paint to fit the theme. It is only advised to choose a paint colour, after you have considered the colour shades of everything else in your home

Define Your Centre of Attraction

As earlier advised while writing about setting up your accessories, it is proper for every home to have a focal point. That interesting part of the house that wakes the brain cells whenever a person takes a glance. The centre of attractions should not be everywhere, most preferably, just at one section of the home should be enough.


Ask For Help

Getting an honest review from a friend on what they think can really help you to see things clearly from another point of view. Although we understand that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, a simple review from a friend can help to figure out a few more details. It is also advised to consult the services of an interior decorator whenever you are in doubt.

While working on a decoration, never fail to forget that sometimes, what you love isn’t really what fits best. Put away your emotions and get down to serious business. Avoid these simple interior decoration mistakes and you’ll be one step closer to getting your home in shape.

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